Picture of the Day: Castle Geyser

I am in a bad mood today. So to cheer myself up, here is a picture of my favorite geyser in Yellowstone, and the world. No, its not Old Faithful.

This is Castle Geyser, which erupts less frequently than reliable Old Faithful, but I think its more spectacular, and its cone is far more interesting looking.

In the foreground, my friend Felicia (of My Friends the Olsons™) is a bit unhappy I used her as a scaling factor in my shot!

The Way of Kings

Although I am uninterested in his project to finish Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, I have enjoyed the one Brandon Sanderson novel I read (an ARC of Warbreaker in 2009).
I’ve heard news for a while of his latest project, The Stormlight Archive, a Steven Erikson style Decaology of novels. The first one ,The Way of Kings is coming at the end of August.
In the meantime, excerpts are showing up online, most notably on the TOR site.
I must admit, I am intrigued, even if my reading queue is too large as it is! (I’m behind on the Malazan series, for example…)
A short excerpt is below. More at TOR.

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Picture of the Day: Temperance River with Differential Color

Today’s picture is of the Temperance River, North Shore, MN. The twist is the mixing of monochrome and color I used. This might be called “Photoshopping” the image, even though I used Lightroom, not Photoshop, to achieve this.
What I did was to change the photo to monochrome, and then applied a preset that accentuated the color red, and only the color red, in the picture. Thus the nice red bridge and the people , and the reddish cast to certain rocks comes out, but the rest is a very stark monochrome.

What do you think of it?

Locals and Tourists maps show where visitors and locals take pics in major cities

You probably have seen these already, but Eric Fischer has gathered Geotagging information on pictures that people have uploaded to flickr to find out where people take photos in major cities. Just as importantly, he has sliced the data to show if its locals or visitors who take the pictures.
Here is Minneapolis for an example:

Plenty more maps of cities are here: