Picture of the Day: Chequamegon National Forest

Everything is NOT a winding road, no matter what Sheryl Crow says. Some days its a straight gravel road, like this one.

This is deep within Chequamegon National Forest, in Northern Wisconsin. I was actually looking for a waterfall when I was struck how beautiful the fall colors around me, were.

I don’t think my benighted car appreciated all of the gravel road driving though…

Picture of the Day: Copper Falls

Copper Falls
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Today’s picture for you is (for me) a brand new waterfall.

This is Copper Falls, in Copper Falls State Park in Eastern Wisconsin, not far away from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Its not particularly tall, but there are a couple of falls and cascades. My pictures have them flanked and “skinned” in fall colors, and over the next few days, I intend to show them to you…

Picture of the Day: (Heart of the) Sunrise at Flood Bay

Sunrise at Flood Bay
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On the second day of my trip up North to see fall color, I got out of the hotel early enough to capture the rising sun. This is Flood Bay, just North of Two Harbors.

Longtime fans of my pictures will recall I captured some nice photos here back during my Great Spring 2009 Expedition to the North Shore. So, as I was driving North to Gooseberry and could see the beautiful palette to my right, I had to stop here at this favored spot and see if I could capture the sunrise.

*I* think I did a good job, myself…