Picture of the Day: Dani

Dani as a Butterfly
Originally uploaded by Jvstin

As some of you know, My Friends the Olsons™ are moving to Iowa so that Scott can pursue employment there. I am truly going to miss them, as they are undoubtedly amongst my closest and longest-lasting friends.

Today’s picture is of Danielle, their 7 year old daughter, with a butterfly painted on her face. This was taken at the 2010 MN Renaissance Faire.

Picture of the Day: MIA Entrance

Yesterday you got to see one of the Chinese Guardian Lions at the entrance to the MIA.
Today, I pull back to show the entire entrance. As you can see, the lions flank the entrance. It’s obvious to me that the neo-classical Beaux-Arts architecture facade to this entrance to the MIA was inspired directly by a similar entrance to the New York Public Library, built a few years earlier.

(Thanks to my brother for correcting my mistake)