Mind Meld: Awards in Genre

Yes, its been a busy week for me at SF Signal. Not only did I have a RPPA column on Tekumel, and my post on stakes in fantasy novels, but I curated a Mind Meld that has gone live:
I asked a slice of the SF community about awards, including:
Jo Walton
Jaym Gates
Heather Massey
Alisa Krasnostein
Teresa Frohock
C.S.E. Cooney
Sissy Pantelis
Laura Anne Gilman
Madeline Ashby
Lynne Thomas
Cheryl Morgan.

Secret Service Code names

Surely, all of you know by now that Presidential candidates, as well as elected Presidents and Vice Presidents, get Secret Service code names.
The code names for Santorum and Romney have been leaked out:
I like to think of Secret Service Code names as the modern equivalent of Roman cognomens, the “third part” of a tripartite Roman name. Cicero, for example, is really Marcus Tullius’ cognomen. Ceasar was Gaius Julius’ cognomen. Not everyone got one, or earned one. And after a while, the cognomen became formalized, and so a second cognomen, the agnomen, was created.
(example: Marcus Valerius Messalla Corvinus)
Anyway, what would *you* pick if you had the chance to get a Secret Service code name. For you writer types, what would your characters pick?
Me, personally, I’d either go classical and pick something Roman based (Cicero would not be a bad choice, really, he’s a hero to me) or something mythological. Griffin, possibly. 🙂