The Evil that SJWs do

On her blog, Sarah Hoyt has her own recap of recent events in the Hugo/Puppies Drama

The narrative is what you’d expect–the Puppy-kickers are evil, she has screenshots to prove the perfidy of people ranging from Teresa Nielsen Hayden to Moshe Feder. It’s an eclectic list of screenshots, going all the way back to 2014.

Look, Sarah, its not the wrongfun. That is a strawman argument. I’ve read and enjoyed plenty of fiction that fall within the “puppy” penumbra, including some of your own work.

What I object is to the use of slate to promote a specific set of books at the expense of the rest of the damned electorate. Thanks to the Sad and Rabid Puppies slating and a lot of people following those slates to often slavish degrees, this year’s Hugo ballot is almost entire Sad and Puppy nominees. I know Libertarians like to think that “fair” is a nebulous concept, so I will say instead it is assholish behavior. Its like coming up to a lemonade stand that says “5 cents a cup” and bringing a Big Gulp cup and emptying the kid’s lemonade pitcher into your big gulp cup for 5 cents. Is it technical right by what the sign says? Sure? But is it right? No.

The ugliness of the Xenophobia of William Lind

I got a random tweet from a gentleman who hosted a blog post from William Lind. You’ll remember i have blogged about Lind before–he’s the “From my Nightmare 1995 to my Utopian 2050”, complete with a breakup of the US, and the burning of the bishopess of Maine.

Anyway, he saw my tweet and linked me to said blog post, where Lind offers two possible futures, a Bad One and a Good one.

Go ahead, read it.


Yeah. I don’t like either future. What disturbs me is that the “Successful” future is a xenophobic’s dream. Nuking Saudi Arabia to glass after a nuclear terrorist attack? Building a Great Wall of America? Constitutional Amendments forbidding the practice of Islam? This is your GOOD future?

“Our response did not end there. We finally resolved the immigration issue correctly: all immigration was forbidden unless someone came with at least ten million dollars (sound dollars, now). A replica of the old East-West German border was built between the U.S. and Mexico. Anyone attempting to cross a border illegally – here and in Europe — gets shot. That’s what a border means.”

On a practical level, I don’t think that Lind even contemplates just how physically impractical his Great Wall really is. The cost would be ruinous if you extended that wall across the entire border with Mexico, and the costs and logistics of maintaining it would be even more so. You’d basically have a good chunk of US Army encamped on the US-Mexico border full time.

I’m sorry, Mr. Lind. I don’t share your vision of a Successful America. Not. In. The. Least.

Lou Antonelli, Police Reports and Apologies.

So, for those not aware, Lou Antonelli contacted the Spokane (site of Worldcon) Police Department about how dangerous the Master of Ceremonies, David Gerrold, was, and how he might incite trouble.

After some back and forth, he managed to apologize.

Along another axis (Ed: Note, not afterward these events as previously stated) Carrie Cuinn decided to rescind her invitation to him to be in an anthology she is editing. That got messy when it turned out Lou published an edited version of the email that Carrie sent him disinviting him, and included her email address. If you think that meant poor Carrie has gotten threats of rape and violence, you HAVE been paying attention.

But of course the real fault is in the SJWs and Puppy Kickers, according to Amanda Green.

And, like with so much of what the Anti-Puppy crowd has done these last few months, they have taken Antonelli’s actions and blown them out of proportion. Specifically, Antonelli sent a letter to the Spokane Police Department expressing concerns not so much about what David Gerrold might personally do but what some of those who follow him on social media might do. Was it a wise move on Antonelli’s part? No. But, to be honest, with some of the vitriol I have seen from both sides of the fence the last few months, I can understand why he might have felt concerned.

To which I have to say. REALLY?

If the positions were reversed, and I called Chattanooga PD about my concerns about some of the Puppy guests at Liberty Con and how I was afraid for my safety there because of some of the intemperate things that Puppy supporters have said, the Puppies would freak out. Even if I apologized afterwards. There would be calls for my head.

Sigrid Ellis is on side with me on this.

Why Helsinki in 2017?

The site of the annual World Science Fiction Convention, Worldcon is not a random thing. Groups of volunteers put forth
bids to have the Worldcon be in their host city a particular year. Members of the Worldcon can if they wish pay
an additional fee to vote. The voting for that is two years in advance. So, this year, 2015, Worldcon is in Spokane, the Spokane people having won the 2013 voting pool. Next
year, the Worldcon will be in Kansas City. Barbeque Time!

Thus, this year, 2017 is (was) up for voting.

The sites up for voting include Montreal, Tokyo, D.C. and Helsinki. The Skiffy and Fanty podcast has long been supporters of the Helsinki bid, and
I’d like to say why I, individually, voted Helsinki in 2017:

1. Diversity: Worldcon doesn’t get overseas as much as it should, for a World Science Fiction Convention. It’s only been in non-UK Europe *twice*, once in the Netherlands and once in was then West Germany. Rules changes in the late 80’s mean that the US can’t have it more than 3 years in a row, but the pattern seems to be just that–US three years in a row, a grudging non-US bid, and then back to three more years in the US. Following that pattern, 2017 COULD be a US con (in which case 2018 HAS to be non-US). But why wait until 2018 to have a forced non-US Worldcon? A chance for different SF fans to really have their presence in SF be seen, felt and contribute. SF is way too often a US/CAN/UK/AUS affair with the rest of the world ignored or forgotten. Helsinki in 2017 would be a step in the right direction.

2. Fun, good, happy, committed people. Worldcon needs to run on its people. It lives and dies by them. The Helsinki people I’ve met (at Worldcon in London last year) are the kind of people I want running a con I’d go to. They want this, they are working hard to make this happen and make this an experience of a lifetime.

3. Helsinki, man. I’ve never been (as of the time of writing) been to non-UK Europe. This is the perfect reason for me to go. I’d love to see Finland! Montreal would be fine, Tokyo too…but I’ve been to DC in August. That’s just a recipe for No Fun. I’ve seen enough photos from the Helsinki people to be assured I’d have no lack of things to see in and around the convention. Have Camera, Will Travel!

So, there are my reasons. I really do hope Helsinki in 2017 wins the bid.

Best Behavior and the Puppies

A Puppy at According to Hoyt (Sarah Hoyt’s Blog) has a warning for SJWs


Do you think I haven’t tried to play nice, to see the Puppies point of view, to walk in their shoes. Did you listen to my interview/discussion at Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing? Have you read the things I’ve written?

What I get is acronyms, and name calling (CHORF, Puppy-kicker, SJW). I get James May using a tweet from a year ago as a baseball bat on me. Every attempt I’ve tried at rapprochement has been met with scorn and hatred.

But it is I who should be on best behavior. I see.

Listen. I have self-esteem issues. I want everyone to be my friend. I get sick when people hate me. What this tells me, Trimegistus, is that nothing I’ve done is good enough. Maybe its not.

Maybe nothing I could ever do is good enough.