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Insane statement of the day

From “Scarborough Country” on MSNBC:
But let me say this. Bottom line, Joe, exploration is important. Research is important. But somebody on the face of the Earth is going to control and dominate space in the next several decades and centuries. If it�s not the United States, it may be a hostile nation, a hostile set of nations, or even a hostile or rogue terrorist group.
–Rep. Tom Feeney, Florida.
It’s the last bit of the last sentence that cracks me up. Al Qaeda in Space?????

The terrorist new best friend

Apparently is the humble Farmer’s Almanac.
The Farmer’s Almanac.
Our War on Terror is turning into a farce that Monty Python would think too unrealistic to portray.
I mean, can you imagine if I just happen to carry an almanac with me to Ambercon, and my bags are searched at the security checkpoint? Or worse, what if some poor soul who looks (even if not actually) of Middle Eastern extraction does the same?

Not so much fiction anymore

Insurgents deploying rocket-launcher-equipped donkey carts attacked symbolically important and well-fortified buildings in Baghdad Friday, just hours after a top U.S. commander proclaimed progress in the military’s newly aggressive high-tech counter-insurgency operation.
Washington Post
Rockets Hit 2 Baghdad Hotels, Oil Ministry

I wish I had a copy of Poul Anderson’s THE HIGH CRUSADE around, because I sure as heck remember the medieval English using a trick with trebuchets and bombs at one point in the novel against the aliens (once they’ve been landed on the alien planet)
That’s what this reminds me of, a mixture of low and high technology to go against an ostensibly superior fighting force and cause significant grief in the process