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Warlords IV demo

The computer game that I’ve been anticipating for a while, and mentioned in this space earlier now has a demo.
It’s a thick and meaty 142 MB, and, unfortunately, the server is rather slow. It took several hours (even on a DSL) yesterday to download it.
The look is definitely a change from the previous Warlords series, much more along the lines of Heroes of Might and Magic than Warlords. I’m still experimenting with it, so a full and fair and balanced report will be forthcoming.

A hard candy’s journey into night

Remember the original 5-flavor Life Savers? Around since the 30’s, Kraft foods has decided to retire three of the five flavors. Gone from the roll are Orange, Lemon and Lime (Pineapple and Cherry are staying put). Replacing them are the “breathtaking” flavors of Watermelon, Raspberry and Blackberry.
Personally, I think this is as stupid as “New Coke” was, even if I prefer things like Spree to Life Savers. And even if hard candies are losing market share to mints and sours, which are in these days.
Read all about it.
I discovered this from one of the new AOL Journals.. (And found that via Calpundit) One of the most annoying things, right off, as a visitor to one of these things is that you have to sign in with an AOL screen name to leave comments.
Once again, AOL seems to be trying to put a moat around itself and its users.


Well, today, I decided to try an RSS Aggregator. I found that I had to download some neglected patches and updates for Windoze 2000, but that is the price I pay for using Microserf. 😀
Anyway, the one I am trying is called Sharpreader. I’ll keep you all posted on how well it works. (Or, alternatively, for the Windows crowd, if there is another one that you use, and like, do let me know.)

Mozilla Firebird

I’ve decided to try, for the first time in a long time, a new web browser.
IE hasn’t been updated in a long while, and although I prefer it to Netscape, I’ve been nervous about the idea of monopolization when it comes to these sorts of things. After all, imagine if everyone *had* to use IE, no matter what. Don’t you think Bill Gates would “as browser enhancement” do things like make it difficult to use Google rather than Microsoft’s own search engines, and other nasty little tricks? Sure, competent computer users will find workarounds…but the average, generic person is going to be locked into Microsoft’s way of doing things.
I don’t consider this healthy. To speak from a biological standpoint, monoculture is bad.
Anyway, I’ve downloaded and am now trying out Mozilla Firebird (its a leaner version of Mozilla–browser only, no news or email). I will let you all know, of course, how it performs.