Ambercon disappointment continues. I’ve learned

Ambercon disappointment continues.
I’ve learned that another stalwart veteran, and someone I had hoped would be in Ad Amber per Astra because of my enjoyment of
their attendance in my games last year, will not be in attendance in ACUS 2002. Real life strikes again!
This truly is turning into the black hole of Ambercons.
If I weren’t so stubborn, heck, I would be half tempted to say no to this Ambercon.
I still should try and come up with another game. Considering the claustrophobic (shadow wise) nature of AAPA, I am wondering if Gwyddbwyll is really the best game to run this year in addition. I don’t want to get “typecast.”, GM wise.

Happy New Year! Well, its

Happy New Year!
Well, its January 2nd, anyway. Close enough.
Still bloody cold here, but DRY. It’s upsetting in a way to see Atlanta, Ga. get snow before NYC. But its happened.
Tried to go see the new platform for Ground Zero at the WTC site yesterday but the line was HOURS long. In the cold windy day, it was NOT an option to freeze
and get chilblains out of the deal.
I’ve come up with a site for the game, or one of the games, I will run at ACUS 2002. After much laboring for a title, I finally decided on “Ad Amber per Astra” and the site for it is available through the link: Ad Amber per Astra