Lunar Eclipse

I viewed the Lunar Eclipse last night primarily alone. Scott and Felicia saw some of the opening stages, but soon retired to bed, leaving the darkening of the moon solely to me.
Conditions were just about perfect here. Few clouds in the sky helped, and less city lights than I am used to dealing with helped the viewing enormously. The relatively low angle of the Moon was a blessing, the optical illusion that allows the moon to seem larger when it is lower in the sky helped in seeing the details.
If only I had my binocs here.

A new reason to Visit Seattle for me…

Locus Online: News Log, April 2003, p3
Seattle is high on the places I want to visit list, not the least because of the proximity of Mt. Rainier, which I do wish to see. Now, however, Paul Allen (the co-founder of Microsoft) and Greg Bear (whom I’ve mentioned on my blog as one of my five favorite current SF writers) are going to create an Science Fiction museum in Seattle, to open next year.
A convergence of museums and SF. Good grief, this place sounds like heaven.

Lunar Eclipse May 15

Lunar Eclipse Computer
The above link brings you to the US navy lunar eclipse computer, which will calculate times for moon rise, entering and leaving the eclipse, based on where you are.
For here in Blaine, the moon will rise 8:22 PM local time and will enter the umbra of the Earth about 40 minutes later and will not exit it until 1:14 in the morning. Mid-point of the Eclipse will be at 10:40 PM.
The next Lunar Eclipse after this will be in early November.