Shoot. Me. Now

I’m sick of this.
My posts don’t post properly (that idiotic 500 error), comments are flaky, my categories are hosed.
I’m tempted just to do a bloody clean install…but I still think half of this is powweb, at least half.

A glitch

Well, my blog is back and you’re gonna be in trouble.
Hey la, Hey la, my blog is back…
Okay, that was silly.
But there is a glitch, a fly in the ointment of my life.
The monthly archives (400 of them!) seemed to be the choking point on my blog, the thing that was causing the problem. So I stopped monthly archiving. Unfortunately, it seems that in removing that from the template, it is now not showing my category archives either, even though the MT code for them is still there.
But at least my blog in the main is back.


I’ve decided, as noted elsewhere, to get into the Nanowrimo project for the month of November. The somewhat psychotic goal is to churn out a 50000 word novel in a month.
Philip K. Dick, I am not, but I have decided to give it a go.
Deb has kindly opened a blog for a small group of us in our circle who is doing it. So go visit Insanity is Contagious. I’ll probably crosspost more significant milestones here, and leave the more mundane entries there.