Book Reviews 2004 (1-5)

It’s been far too long since I’ve talked books that I’ve read.
Although I am not explicitly doing the fifty book challenge, I am going to keep track of how many books I read this year.
So I will cover today:

  • Bloom Wil McCarthy
  • Shadow of the Lion Lackey, Freer, Flint
  • Bones of the Earth Michael Swanwick
  • Across Realtime Vernor Vinge
  • Assassin’s Apprentice Robin Hobb

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Learn Sindarin

David, the “better half” of Dorothea from Caveat Lector, is going to be teaching a mini course in Sindarin.
I don’t think that anyone who reads this is unaware of his work in that little trio of movies that have come out, yes?
Wow. If only I lived in Madison (and met the other requirements, apparently these things are only open to U of W alumni and such).