Bubble Fusion

Not to be confused with bubble wrap, or bubble tea…
Apparently researchers at Purdue University managed to create Nuclear fusion reactions using sound waves.
I am somewhat pessimistic, after the debacle of Cold Fusion, that this will in the end pan out to be useful. OTOH the results and experiment have been replicated at Rensselaer. The process is nowhere near the break-even point, and its unknown if this will “scale up” to a level where it can produce useful amounts of energy. It might in the end be more useful not for energy generation but for generation of neutrons.
Via Apostropher.

Kerry on Wayward Son

(Couldn’t resist the pun).
Baring some unforseen calamity, personal, physical or political, John Kerry will be the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States.
He might not have the charisma of Bill Clinton or Howard Dean or even John Edwards…but if he can do a competent job of campaigning, and help remove the simultaneously inept, repellent and corrupt “W” administration.
The funny thing is, for once my individual vote will have a fairly large weight, because unlike my previous voting residences (New York and California), Minnesota is definitely a battleground state.
Maybe there is an advantage to not having cable for my TV after all–avoiding the blitz of ads from Bush and friends set to begin shortly.
$200 million buys a lot of TV advertising.

Say, Johnny, I’ll give you extra credit for some chalk

Anyone who has spent time in a classroom knows that the average public school classroom is hopelessly undersupplied with basic needs.
Some teachers, across the country have taken to the tactic of awarding extra credit for students who bring in things like paper towels.
There are so many feet to lay the blame for this at I could be here all week.
And it is an obscenity in the ostensibly most advanced and enlightened nation on Earth.
The novels of Michael Flynn and Jerry Pournelle are coming true more and more every day.