Retro Hugos 1954

This year is one of those years that the “Retro Hugos”, Hugos for years that never had a Hugo Award winner, were awarded.
I can’t argue with the results, but, still, I am not entirely sure I like this idea. Many of those voting weren’t even alive back in 1954. The books winning awards are often those which have stood the test of time. While that is a laudable point of view…its also not quite what the Hugos are about.
Ah well. Read on for the winners this year.

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Worst loss in team history

There is a lot of cheering outside of Gotham this morning.
The Yankees were beaten by the Indians last night…by their worst margin ever. 22-0.
It’s the worst loss by any team in the majors in over 25 years.
I never, by the way, realized how much the rest of the country despises the Yankees, until I moved out of NY. Heck, Mets fans could take a bit of instruction in Yankees-hating from people beyond the NYC area.
It’s the Steinbrenner Factor, in most cases.