Interaction Matrix in the ADRPG

The 20′ By 20′ Room: All Road’s Lead to Amber . . .
Jim Henley talks about the ADRPG, and this portion struck me:
I find myself thinking that, actually, an Amber campaign could profit from adding a step between character creation and the first session of the campaign: a Dogs-style “What they want from the Youngers” list. But not “the Youngers” as a whole: a matrix listing what each elder wants from each PC. It could be anything from “Flora wants Brigit to be more ladylike” to “Bleys wants Alexander to help him conquer Amber” to “Corwin wants to keep Gustav from finding Yg.”
Here’s the mechanical effect I think the exercise assumes and promotes: The PCs have to have enough power relative to the Elders to be worth wanting something from.

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