Picture of the Day: Monochrome Tetons

Grand Tetons in Monochrome
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Today’s picture comes from a monochrome re-processing of the Raw file of a 2008 Grand Tetons picture, via lightroom.

This also dovetails with my idea of looking at old images that I blogged about sometime ago. With my new software, I can look at old RAW files and come up with new interpretations of them. I can’t change everything of course, and wouldn’t, even if I wanted to. But it is interesting to look at old shots in a new way.

Best Spaceships in Written SF

Over on SFsignal, John has asked a bunch of SF luminaries:
If you could ride on any spaceship from written science fiction, which would it be? Why?
There are some darned good answers there. The Lying Bastard from the Niven universe is a good choice. I wouldn’t mind traveling around in Joshua Calvert’s ship from Peter F Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn Trilogy, either. I’m too chicken to try a Heechee ship from Gateway…if I am going to explore the stars, I want to know where I am going, or at least have a choice in the matter. Muddling Through, from the Poul Anderson Polesotechnic League stories, would be a fun ship to explore around in, too (although the pipe smoke from David Falkayn and Nicholas Van Rijn would drive me up the wall).
Oh and the ship Myron travels around in Vance’s Ports of Call and Lurulu would be tons of fun, given how strange and wonderful the cultures I’d meet in that universe would be.

Picture of the Day: Wall Drug

Wall Drug
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Today’s picture for you is a landmark of any trip across South Dakota. The original “tourist trap”, even if it does have a chitnzy, old-fashioned sort of charm: Wall Drugstore, in the small town of Wall, South Dakota. Wall Drug is a hop skip and a jump from the west entrance to the Badlands, and not far away from the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore. I stayed near Wall Drug in 2008 on my visit to the region.