Football: NY Giants 34 Houston 10

This kid the Giants have, Mr. Nicks, he’s a keeper.
Once again, the Eli to Hakeem combination did the other team in. Eli did throw two picks, but since this week was a “Rule of One” (Scott’s Packers lost, as did Fe’s Saints), I am not going to complain too much about a game the Giants managed to win by three touchdowns. No, sir!
In other news, as I thought, the “mighty” undefeated Chiefs are undefeated no more, although Indianapolis should have beaten them more soundly than they did. Dallas players arrogance cost them the game, and the Lions escape the winless column by beating the Rams like a drum.
I just can’t figure out this season. The Packers are broken, the Saints sloppy, the Colts beatable…who really is a good time in this league? The Falcons?! Maybe if the Jets knock off the Vikings, they might catapult themselves to the first rank…oh, who am I kidding? This is the Jets.
Next week, the Giants have those no longer winless Lions (and then its Dallas). I hope the Giants don’t try to look past Detroit…

Picture of the Day: Border Crossing in Fall Color

This is the border crossing at Grand Portage, scene of the infamous incident (to me anyway) of when the Border Patrol thought that my one day in and out photo expedition to Canada was highly suspicious.

I didn’t venture into Canada on this trip for precisely that reason, but I was struck how the fall colors framed against the clouds here at the border crossing, and here are the photographic results. (We are looking north along the southbound lanes, so that is the American entry point in the center of the picture)

Football: NY Giants 17 Chicago 3

Well, it was ugly, again.
This time, though, the other team was far worse. The NY Giants set a record for first-half sacks with nine, and not only knocked Jay Cutler out of the game, but his backup as well.
On the Giants side of the ball, they missed field goals, and once again had too many turnovers. If the “Monsters of the Midway” had not been even more inept, the Giants should not have won that game. The Giants, despite their defense, was only up 3-0 at halftime. One decent pass by Cutler or punt return by Hester would have erased that…
Still, a win is a win, and My Friends The Olsons™ and I got the “Rule of Three” this weekend, as both the Pack and the Saints won, too.
In other football news, the Jets looked decent against the Bills. The Steelers lost in the final minute…
And the only undefeated team in the NFL now is…the Kansas City Chiefs?!?!
They play the Colts next week, who have to be hopping mad that the Jags beat them in the final minute.
Well, I guess there *won’t* be any undefeated teams by Columbus Day. When is the last time that happened in the NFL?