Picture of the Day: Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle
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Today’s picture should make you feel young again.

Recently, Dani, the daughter of My Friends the Olsons™ had her 7th birthday party (which was held on Halloween). With 20 kids running around, I mostly duck and covered. I did emerge long
enough to take a few pictures, including this one of the bouncy castle rented for the occasion. I chose this picture so that the pictures of the kids were indistinct , and I like how the shadow of the tree rakes across the structure, too.

Football: NYG 41 Seattle 7

The Giants uncharacteristically steamrolled an opponent following their bye week. The Boys in Blue usually play flat or worse following the bye, but not this time. All of the facets of the team functioned on all cylinders.
The Giants are being touted as one of the best teams in the NFC. How long that will last, I don’t know. On the other hand, the Olson Household is happy because we had the rule of three–blowouts. Scott’s Packers (to my delight) devastated Dallas 45-7, and Felicia’s Saints “only” won by 34-3 over the Panthers.
Next up for the Giants is the shellacked and shellshocked Cowboys. Can they do better than the Packers did this week? We shall see.
In other news, the Jets nearly lost to the Lions (chortle). A 3 point OT win over the Lions does not impress…

Picture of the Day: Horse in the Badlands

Horse in the Badlands
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I’ve featured a different version of this picture before. This one shows things from a slightly different angle and from a wider perspective. The picture is in the North Dakota Badlands (Teddy Roosevelt National Park) and I took this picture in the early morning.

Dani and I had woken up early and she had begged to come with me to do some photography. Together, we encountered the beautiful horse amongst the surprisingly green and lush scenery.