Picture of the Day: Snowy Duluth

Today’s picture for you starts a series of pictures from my Saturday trip. This view should be familiar to those of you who follow my pictures on a regular basis. This is the city of Duluth, at the end of Lake Superior, from the Thompson Hill overlook.

Given the cloudy and overcast conditions, I decided to convert a lot of my pictures on the trip on Saturday to monochrome.

Picture of the Day: Lamar Valley Mountains

Lamar Valley Mountain View
Originally uploaded by Jvstin

Okay, I suppose with me selecting these pictures of Mountains, I am really in need of a long distance vacation. After all, I didn’t go very far last year.

These mountains are seen from the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone, and I don’t quite remember which mountain range these belong to. Yes, my friends, there are enough mountain *ranges* in Yellowstone that you can confuse them…