Books Read to Date, September 3, 2011

33. Infidel, Kameron Hurley, Science Fiction
32. Prospero Regained, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Fantasy
31. The Whitefire Crossing, Courtney Schafer, Fantasy
30. The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, Jeff and Ann Vandermeer Fantasy,
29. Miserere, Teresa Frohock, Fantasy
28. Retribution Falls, Chris Wooding, Fantasy
27. The Goblin Corps, Ari Marmell, Fantasy
26. Engineering Infinity Jonathan Strahan Science Fiction
25. Sword of Fire and Sea Erin Hoffman Fantasy
24. Story Engineering Larry Brooks Nonfiction
23. The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack Mark Hodder Science Fiction
22. Shadow’s Son Jon Sprunk Fantasy
21. Golden Reflections Fred Saberhagen Science Fiction
20. Cowboy Angels Paul McAuley Science Fiction
19. Embassytown China Mieville Science Fiction
18. With this Ring I thee Bed Alison Tyler Fiction
17. Winds of Khalakovo Bradley Beaulieu Fantasy
16. Wolfsangel M D Lachlan Fantasy
15. Dragon Virus Laura Anne Gilman Science Fiction
14. Hounded Kevin Hearne Fantasy
13. Creative Lighting Harold Davis Nonfiction
12. The Fallen Blade Jon Courtnenay Grimwood Fantasy
11. The Cloud Roads Martha Wells Fantasy
10. Hellhole Kevin J Anderson and Brian Herbert SF
9. The Alchemist in the Shadows Pierre Pavel Fantasy
8. The Quantum Thief Hanno Rajanemi SF
7.The Iron Khan Liz Williams Fantasy
6.The Unremembered Peter Orullan Fantasy
5. Cleopatra Stacy Schiff Nonfiction
4. The Hidden Reality Brian Greene Nonfiction
3. God’s War Kameron Hurley Fantasy
2. Hard Magic Laura Anne Gilman Fantasy
1. Hell and Earth Elizabeth Bear Fantasy
19 Fantasy
9 Science Fiction
1 Fiction
4 Non Fiction
19 books written by men
14 books written by women (NB: I am counting the Vandermeer collection under Ann)