Picture of the Day: Buzz the Polar Bear

Buzz the Polar bear by Jvstin
Buzz the Polar bear, a photo by Jvstin on Flickr.

Today’s picture has a bit of a story to it.

As some of you know, I work as a Warranty Administrator for Horton, Inc, a maker of fan clutches and fans. As such, our symbol is a polar bear.

And in keeping with that, Horton is a contributor to the Como Zoo, a little zoo attached to the conservatory that you’ve seen pictures of and in from me before.

Anyway, the polar bear exhibit and the polar bears therein are the focus of our contribution and we recently had an event there. As the “default photographer” these days at Horton, I took pictures.

This is one of the two polar bears, “Buzz”

Picture of the Day: A Magneyficent Waterfall

Waterfall in Monochrome by Jvstin
Waterfall in Monochrome, a photo by Jvstin on Flickr.

Today’s picture, since I seem to be in a waterfall mood, is the falls at Judge Magney State Park in Minnesota.

Judge Magney is one of the lesser known of the North Shore parks. It’s pretty far up (not far away from Canada) and its not as large or spectacular as its neighbors.

On the other hand, you might ask who Judge Magney was, and why would he get a park named after him?

Well, fun fact, Judge Magney is the guy who helped conceive of and implement the string of North Shore State Parks.

Picture of the Day: Running Eagle Falls and My Friends the Olsons

Today’s picture combines #waterfallwednesday and My Friends the Olsons™

This is Running Eagle Falls, in Glacier National Park, Montana. From Left to right are Felicia, her daughter Dani, and her mother-in-law, Scott’s mother Mrs. Olson.

Yes, I am old fashioned enough not to call Scott’s parents by name. This amuses them.