Recent Books–Kiln People?

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Thanks to Arref and Li for sharing their experiences with Kiln People. It IS up for a Hugo, and I nearly picked it up the other day, but wound up getting Fallen Dragon instead (see the entry on the quirk). Kiln People was the runner-up and if I had more money and was gainfully employed, likely would have picked it up, then and there.
I will have to remember it the next time I go to the bookstore, though, based on your recommendations. Thanks

One year ago today

One year ago today, at roughly this moment in time (adjusted for West Coast time) began my great failure–my attempt at a life in California, with Bonnie.
One year ago today I uprooted myself from New York for California.
One year ago today I eschewed my usual pessimism for optimism
For all the good it did, one year ago I began my great attempt.

WISH 45: Accolades and Warm Fuzzies

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 45: Accolades and Warm Fuzzies
Ginger asks a “nice” question this time around:
Who are some gamers you admire and appreciate? Name three (or as many as you like) gamers you admire and/or appreciate right now, and explain why.
NB: My apologies to the party whom wrote me about inaccuracies and mistakes in this entry. I have corrected them and I am sorry.

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Spam Hell

This makes me mad, and part of the reason why I am migrating away from AOL.
Today, I did a flashsession (for those who have never entered AOL, its basically where you log on, download your email automatically and log off).
Among the other things I had were more than two dozen copies of the exact same piece of spam, from a dozen AOL screen names. So most of those screen names sent me multiple copies of the exact same piece of trash.
What was it? Basically an advertisement for “free prescriptions”. Even if I was interested in this nonsense, sending it to me 26 times is not going to make me more likely to respond.