Puzzle Quest

My newest computer game addiction, as it were is Puzzle Quest, from Infinite Interactive.
Infinite Interactive should be familiar to some of you–its the company created by Steve Fawkner, creator of the Warlords series.
Although PQ is ostensibly a simple “bejeweled” like game, it really is an adventure game of sorts, set in a Warlords or Warlords like universe. You wander the landscape on adventures, facing opponents on a bejeweled game board. You can level up and increase abilities for your character.

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Iowa Heart Huckabee

Congratulations to Barack Obama and Nehemiah Sc…err, Mike Huckabee, for winning their respective party’s Iowa caucuses.
Politics is like the Super Bowl. After months of the tedium of the “pre-game show”, we’ve finally had our kickoff of the game itself. Its still the first quarter of this game, even if formerly unexpected winners (especially Huckabee) are in the lead at this point. Now the teams are on the field and everything really counts.
I still think Money will out on both sides of the political aisle, but now things can get down to buisness. On to New Hampshire.