Taking a lesson from Hadrian.The Emperor that is

I am a fan of things Roman Empire, it is true. So I perked up my ears when I heard this commentary (which has full text at the link) about the Emperor Hadrian, and how his reign might wind up as a model and parallel, in some respects, to President Elect Obama.
After all, when Hadrian assumed the office of Emperor, the Romans were stuck with a nasty insurgency in Mesopotamia, the empire was in debt, there was plenty of discontent and a mandate for change…

NYG 23 Washington 7

Aside from the inane insanity of the Burress situation, I have little to complain about this week. Beating up on a division rival is always a good thing.
The Redskins stuffed the run, and Manning made them pay for it. I have to admit, many of the Giants teams of old (save for the Simms era) wouldn’t have a good counter to it. Manning (even though he had a pick) provides that extra dimension.
Next up is another tough match–another divisional matchup, the Eagles. I am not fooled by their record. Any connoisseur of Football knows the danger divisional opponents, of any record, provide a team. And the Eagles *also* have a tough rush defense, too.