I’m going to get a new Boss

Head of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve to retire
The head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis is retiring. Gary Stern will leave his position as president and CEO of the Minneapolis Fed this summer. He reaches the Fed’s mandatory retirement age of 65 in November.***
Stern will leave behind many legacies, including his almost prophetic writings about banks that are believed to be “too big to fail.”
He’s been at the Minneapolis Fed for 24 years, a pretty long tenure and the longest amongst the current Federal Reserve Branch heads.
***The MPR article is slightly incorrect here. The limit of 65 applies to voting members of the Federal Reserve Board, which is chosen on a rotating basis from the 12 member branch banks. Mr. Stern, if he wanted, could continue in his post, but he (and thus the Minneapolis Fed) could not be chosen as a voting member again.
I also need to read his book, he did come up with the phrase “too big to fail” a few years before it became common parlance.

Writer’s Life as Infocom Text Adventure


Welcome to WRITER’S QUEST!
You are in a writer’s room. Exits are north and east. The door leading north has “This Way to Fame, Fortune, and Free Beer!” painted over it.
There is a chair here.
You have a Hazy Idea for a story.
You have a Muse.
You have an Inner Editor.
>go n
You can’t go that way.
I don’t know how to what.
>look chair
It’s just a chair. It doesn’t look very comfy.
>look muse
Your Muse waves at you.
>look editor
The Inner Editor glares at you and mutters.
Your Muse is trying to say something.
>listen muse
You can’t hear over the Inner Editor talking. (It has some things to say about the implausibility of your Hazy Idea.)
> gag inner editor
You gag the little anthropomorphic personification. It glares at you and sulks.

Read the whole thing. Those of us who have played a lot of Zork will find it especially amusing.