Picture of the Day: Minneapolis Skyline–Sky focus

Minneapolis Skyline
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How you point a camera at a subject, the angle and how you compose it, can lead to a variety of pictures and results.

Take today’s picture for example. You may have seen other pictures I took from this spot looking at Minneapolis from the North. This time, though, I not only went wide angle, but focused more on the sky than on the city itself. Thus, the clouds and the sky here are the real star, rather than the skyline sitting below the natural horizon.

Picture of the Day: Kakabeka Falls (WATER)

Kakabeka Falls
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I think faithful photo friends figured I would pick a waterfall for the WATER part of my theme this week.

And you were right. This is Kakabeka Falls, just west of Thunder Bay in Canada. Still one of my favorite waterfalls, and with the photographic techniques and skill I have learned in the last year and a half, I have to go back and try and get some really good pictures…

A letter from Ingrey

(Inspired by the Wikileaks revelation)
To: Merlin I, Emperor, Basilieus, and overlord of the Empire of the Courts of Chaos
From: Ingrey, Minister-Counselor and Apocrisiarius at Large, House Wererathe. Currently
stationed in Shadow Acromel.
Regarding: The Lord Jaylan Sorange theft and publication of documents
Feliciations, and Salutations to his Majesty! May your reign be long and fruitful!
Doubtless you have heard of the actions of one Lord Jaylan Sorange of the Black Zone shadow of Ulfarsfell, who along with Claudette Johnsdottir has released to nations and shadows of the Black Zone diplomatic communications sent from Ambassadors of the Courts back to Thelbane.
First of all, your esteemed Majesty, I can assure you that my researches into the matter have confirmed that neither the Lessimans nor the Kingdom of Amber are responsible for aiding Lord Sorange in this theft and dissemination. Although both the Lessima and the Amberites may benefit from these revelations, they are not themselves actors in their acquisition. And I will point his majesty to the revelations regarding an incident with Prince William Floraasson which does not paint the Kingdom of Amber in a positive light. No, this action was solely Lord Sorange’s action and efforts.
While the technical details of the theft and dissemination I leave to those more capable in those fields, the psychology and sociology of the act, and its consequences, is what I have been asked by my superior, the honorable Ambassador from House Baccaran, to address to you in this missive.
In truth, having reviewed many of the documents themselves (as well as being the author of some of them in the first place) many of the revelations in these communications are merely of an embarrassing nature, rather than crucial to state security. I did find, for example that the revelation of my own depiction of Prince Salvo Bisconti as a ‘debauched hedonist who rules the kingdom of Remus with all the skill and subtlety of a drunken yeddim’ managed to bring back fond memories of my time stationed there.
The revelation of the desires for the Benghazi Consortium to have us stop the Shahzadi of Isfahan from making her ill-formed broken Logrus into something capable of actually accepting initiates should not cause the surprise in circles that it seems to have done so. I do wish to speak to your majesty, in person and soon, regarding some revelations on this subject best reserved for your ears alone. I have in mind a certain Knight of the Order of Oberon who might
be a useful participant in what I have in mind.
I believe that Lord Sorange is, one of those rare flowers that survives into adulthood: an idealist. I am convinced he is a person who believes that the revelation of these documents is a Good, from the perspective of all sentient beings. I do not know how such a person surviveslong into adulthood; given time, perhaps, he will learn the value of realpolitik. In the meantime, it is not my place or position to suggest that, for example, that there is value in capturing him and introducing him to the royal Wyverns with the aim of the visual pleasure of seeing just how they tear their meat apart.
On other matters, her excellency the Ambassador does approve of the idea that was broached in Court the last time I was present, and I am in concord with your plans in that matter. The position and role described has been vacant for too long, and I am honored and flattered that I would be considered for such duty.
I look forward to meeting your Majesty in person to further discuss this, upon my return to The Thelbane.
Ingrey, Minister-Counselor and Apocrisiarius at Large, House Wererathe

Picture of the Day: Itasca State Park Tower view (WOOD)

Itasca Fire Tower view
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Today is the element of wood. Fortunately, Minnesota is blessed with an abundance of wood. Choosing an appropriate picture was hard because I had so many choices.

This is a view from one of the many fire towers you can climb in Minnesota state parks. This one in particular is in Itasca State Park, the park where the headwaters of the Mississippi River is located.