Another crash of a hard

Another crash of a hard drive, and this time an outlay of money to do it “right” .
But I am back, and back for good.
Ambercon news…it seems unlikely that Arref is going to go. I shall miss him and Anne, to say nothing of EGB. Damn. Then again, buying a new house is definitely an order more important and complex than a gaming convention. I wonder, if in his absence now, I should try and start an Amber campaign at Ambercon…something sufficiently free form and loose so that players could swap in and out.
Something to think about, anyway. Also on that front, Felicia has reminded me that doing a sequel to last year’s Dreams Made Flesh might be fun and could definitely get the interest of the players involved. Cal Westray, among others, had a lot of fun with our game and wouldn’t mind returning to the setting. Of course…it would require a “plot”.
Just finished reading Michael Swanwick’s IRON DRAGON’S DAUGHTER. A very different take on faerie, I shall have to mention it to Arref. It’s not to his vision of “In the Shadow of Greatness” but its a unique vision that has pinged the “idea meter”. Industrial Faerie! Draconic aircraft! Rich, rich rich. Swanwick can infuriate, titillate, and amaze…his prose rarely bores you.

Another fine morning. With the

Another fine morning.
With the Ambercon notice going out, I have to start thinking about scenarios and such to run. I think that I definitely want to run something solo, and perhaps
in concert with someone else (Felicia turned out to be a hell of a good co-GM…I’m sure Bonnie could, if she got the urge…Bridgette might not have enough time, but she is going a hell of a job with AOR in email.)
My choices that I have come up with to run so far are:
1. Gwyddbwyll. I ran it in email, I could run it for real. I’d change some things, but it could be done. I know the setting very well and it has been shaken down.
2. A continuation of Into the Depths, for Deb, Bridgette, Bonnie, and the others I roped into that impromptu setting. It was sufficiently freeform that I could set just about anything I wanted into it, given that of course the unusual nature of Bonnie’s PC and the implications of what Corwin’s realm is like based on the fact that she’s his daughter.
3. Status Quo Ante Bellum. One of my big ideas…the idea that, at the end of Patternfall, while Amber’s army is assaulting Chaos, a Chaos expeditionary force from a somewhat disreputable house manages to conquer the city of Rebma…and holds it. Now, in the post Patternfall War world…Amber wants them out, Chaos wants them out (on the grounds that they did it without even tacit approval and that Amber might take out their frustration on Chaos again)…and Rebma…well, some of Rebma actually likes the new autonomy given the City, with a change of administration. So, its a multisided, intrigued filled setting…but its definitely not like Murky Waters, that Rebma Throne War.
More ideas will probably surface as the time nears.

Arrgh. My hard drive has

My hard drive has been failing, and while I still haven’t replaced it, I had to fdisk and reformat the sucker. I am not running windows 2000 and it feels weird, like reading the history of an alternate universe and seeing things are similar but different than what I knew.
I don’t know what OS I will put on the new hard drive, when I get it.
I managed to save most of the text files and other miscellany, but a lot of other stuff is gone, and lost. The center of corruptionw was around the windows directory, and so I had some limited DOS access to move stuff to the small auxiliary hard drive.
Thus, my game slowed down but I am now finally returning back to the swing of turns. I have high hopes for the Festival of the Unicorn and I do want to get my players involved with the events of that day.

Okay, now I figured it

Okay, now I figured it out. Had to change the template on Blog…not just upload the HTML to the space on my site. It reposts the thing from scratch every time, rather than adding to the existing HTML file. Interesting.

Okay, I changed the template

Okay, I changed the template around somewhat, to colors more of my own. I’ll probably tinker with the thing for quite some time in the future. A new toy! Now, some actual good content.
I’ve been reading a bunch of RPG books lately, buying them like popcorn. I am very interested in the upcoming Nobilis, and another game, Agone, looks interesting too. Maybe I will pick up the latter when Nobilis comes out.
3e Manual of the Planes was and is interesting. I caught a Zelazny reference…the new link between alternate prime material planes (game worlds) is…ta da, the Plane of Shadow. Even more clinching, the description of the terrain changes on the POS trying to go from the corresponding area on one world to another sure sounds like shadow shifting to me. Pretty neat. I had disliked the idea of splitting up the Prime Material Plane this way (in the old 1st and 2nd edition, all the Prime Material planes had the same set of outer planes…but now, conceptually, D&D worlds can be easily plunked into an Amber universe with a lot less fuss now, if you wanted to do such a cross.

Well, here we go. After

Well, here we go. After looking at Arref’s, and Meera’s and a couple of others, I finally decided to get one of these things, too. However, since Mindspring gives me more than sufficient room for my webspace, I am going to host it on my own site, rather than on Blogger’s. I just don’t like ads, and I can hopefully modify and alter the template to my liking.
For those who are browsing me for the first time, my name is Paul Weimer, a 30 year old resident of Staten Island, NY, and this is my BLOG. Enjoy.

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