Pretty quiet today. Much

Pretty quiet today.

Much of the day at work the Blog complained that it could not publish due to template errors. Oh, well. If and when I get a domain and a real website, I definitely am going to migrate to something like Moveable Type.

I finished Archangel Protocol, and have begun Dreamside.

I felt uncomfortable when I opened the book, I have had it for a while, it was a gift last year from TGFKAB, and the receipt with her message on it was still inside. A bitter joke, you might say. But, I am digesting this book, its a fairly nice read so far. I had avoided actually reading it (and had been tempted to fling it away) because it precisely had been a gift from Bonnie. But, I couldn’t do that…to a book.

Updated and worked on my

Updated and worked on my somewhat previously defunct Jvstin’s Universe page. As you can see on the links to the right, I’ve emphasized the “Book Reviews, Jvstin Style” page, which I formerly called Small Book Reviews. Basically its very short
book reviews, with a numerical rating and a few lines about the book. Go forth and enjoy.