King Tut Redux

Perverse Access Memory: Born in Arizona, Moved to Babylonia
Ginger informs us about the forthcoming tour of the Egyptian King Tut exhibit that will come to the US next year, and the debate over where to hold it in the NYC area.
From what I read of the NY Times article that she links to, the nearest stop for me on the tour is going to be way over in Chicago.
It might prove incentive enough for me to visit the Windy City at last. I missed it when I was young, I don’t want to miss it again, especially since I do miss the wonderful Egyptian stuff available in the two museums in NY.

A resignation call

My esteemed junior Senator from Minnesota, Norm Coleman, has called for a resignation of a chief executive because the massive debacle in Iraq “requires no less”.
You might be surprised who he is referring to. (Hint, its not the President).
And even more telling, if you just change a few things around, its easily a call for the resignation of the President. Not that my Republican senator would ever suggest such a thing.
The way things are going, I wouldn’t even expect it out of my Democratic Senator.