41-0 First shutout in NY


First shutout in NY Jets post-season history! They turned the Colts into ponies.
The Jets will probably play AT the Raiders next (assuming the Browns lose to Pittsburgh).
Tomorrow…the Giants take on the 49ers in San Francisco. The other game, for those who could care less and likely skipped this entry, are the Falcons
at the Packers. I know Scott and Felicia are rooting for the latter of course.
Yes, I live in California, but I can still root for my old home teams, can’t I? And yes I do remember that the Giants punished the Vikings a couple of years
ago in the NFC championship, and then lost badly in the Super Bowl. And the Raiders are much tougher than the Colts, especially in their “Black Hole”

Over at Caveat Lector,

Over at Caveat Lector, Dorothea a few days ago mentioned Everway.

I agree with what a lot she has to say. I bought a copy of it online last year, just before it slid out of print. Even sweeter, and just as useful is “Spherewalker” which is a stat-free encyclopedia of ideas for the Everway world–but the ideas definitely have portability to other worlds.

My Everway stuff is still in New York, unfortunately. I look at things like Ginger’s House of Cards and wish I could play or even be in a position to ask. Or at least have my Everway set nearby to mine for some more ideas. A virtue/fault/fate/usuper sort of rubric for all my shadows in The Shadowwalker’s Guide to the Golden Circle, for instance, might be fun.

Sometime back, Arref put

Sometime back, Arref put a link to the unusual “googlism” page, where you can see what the search enging Google thinks of
a particular topic. At the time, I was a little miffed that while there were entries for Arref and a bunch of other people in our cadre, there was nothing about me.

Today, out of curiosity, I plugged in “jvstin” again to get the message: Jvstin is finally blogging again.

Fun, eh?

Wish 28: Movies for Gamers

Wish 28: Movies for Gamers

Ginger comes up with another goodie:
What are three movies that have inspired you as a gamer? Would you recommend them to other gamers, and if so, what would you tell them to look for and/or hope for them to get?

Lots of great choices and movies have already been mentioned, in passing as well as developed by the WISH group, that I am going to go a little afield for my choices. I don’t want to repeat anyone else’s ideas, but I’m getting plenty of inspiration of movie rentals, my friends! Thanks!

1. eXistenZ, directed by David Cronenberg and starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law.

In the “year of the Matrix” two other movies which explored levels of reality and the relationships between them came out, to far less acclaim and fanfare. The other was the Thirteenth Floor. eXistenZ is a very typical Cronenberg movie, strange visuals, odd characters, and a distinctive style. Its not for everyone. On the other hand, though, the movie explores the interface between game reality (virtual reality in this context) and real reality, and the relationships between players and their characters. Plus, I think it would make a pretty wild Over the Edge game.

2.Looking for Richard, by Al Pacino

A small independent documentary film financied and starring Pacino himself, the movie explores Shakespeare, most especially Richard III. Pacino visits Shakespeare’s house in Avon, stages various scenes from Richard III in the Cloisters and talks about the character at great length. It’s perfect for gamers who want to understand Shakespeare better, and a character like Richard III in particular. Plus Pacino’s use of the Cloisters is an inspiration to LARPers.

3. The Three Musketeers

Various versions exist, I understand the 70’s version is a classic but its been filmed many times. Even Disney took a crack at it, with a weird casting of Tim Curry as Cardinal Richieleu. But for pure swashbuckling action, to inspire your gamers and get them into the mood to cross swords with their foe, there are few better pure vehicles for such entertainment. Companions, adventure, swordplay, villains you love to hate. All fodder for gamers.

Arref, on his blog

Arref, on his blog puts up some suggested Ten best Fantasy, SF
and Comic Book Characters.

Some Suggestions of mine, not intended to disparage or take away from his own lists:


  • Joshua Calvert (Reality Dysfunction)
  • Ser Olmy (Eon series by Greg Bear)
  • Ash (from the eponymous Mary Gentle novels)


  • Morgaine (from Cherryh’s series)
  • Anita Blake (Guilty Pleasures)
  • Jane Alderberry (The Iron Dragon’s Daughter)

I am not conversant enough with Comic books to make intelligent additions to Arref’s list!

Sean Russell, whose work I

Sean Russell, whose work I like (I loved The One Kingdom so much that I am taking some ideas for it for that ACUS scenario I keep promising to do the prologue for) has done his own review of LOTR: The Two Towers.
He makes some interesting points and gives the point of view of an excellent fantasy writer to what Peter Jackson has done right (and wrong) with his adaptation of the Master. After all of the pure Tolkien bashing around lately, from Brin to Moorcock, this is a relief.

Finished reading Wolves of

Finished reading Wolves of the Gods. Unfortunately, it was as disappointing as the first in the series, Wizard in the Winds.

Why, you ask, did I bother with the second after the first was lackluster? Well, for reasons I am still not sure, I didn’t chuck the second and the first book, and they are among the books that wound up here. While I disliked the first for the possibly misogynistic way the author treated some of the female characters, one in particular, in this second book, Cole’s writing just left me…flat. The culture was interesting, based on the Rubiayat, Persian in flavor. But the writing itself, I am not sure, it just didn’t thrill me. I will not seek out the third book, its out of print anyway.

Next up is non fiction.
The Rise of the West: A History of the Human Community
by William O’Neill. Believe it or not, I have not read a complete general history of the world since the days of college. Oh, I’ve read many history books, and I love the Penguin illustrated atlases of history (I have Ancient World, Rome and Medieval History)..I’ve read things like Boorstin’s essays, and such, too…but not a complete general world history.