Be careful of what you wish for…

Remember my entry a few days ago about Blog Spam?
Well, today, I got a comment which really crossed the line. It was basically the type of email that your spam filter is designed to catch.
Let me say this so as to be perfectly clear to any potential spammer reading this blog. THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR SPAM. Polite comment on posts is welcomed, encouraged, desired. Advertisements are not. Period. No one here is going to want to look at your links to enlarge body parts that my female readers don’t even have, and the male readers are likely happy with, thank you very much.
What do you call a lifeboat with room for one, and a spammer and a computer virus writer both trying to get into it before being eaten by sharks?
–A “win-win” situation.

Hugos Redux

Li bounces off of my previous post on the Hugos, and fills in her own thoughts. Since she *did* attend Torcon/Worldcon, she does have an up-close and personal view of the affair.
I concede the points she makes about Sawyer’s win. It had slipped my mind, or I had blotted out the fact that he’s already won a Nebula some years ago, and the fact that he is Canadian did give him “home field advantage”. Probably there was a higher percentage of attendees from Canada as usual, and that might have sent him over the top. No way to tell, except when the voting comes out (either on Locus’ site or elsewhere).
I also see her point about Mieville. I can think of a couple of people whom I would never dream of giving Perdido to read, since I know they would abhor it. So assuming the Scar is in the same vein…I can see how it didn’t stand a chance. But still, I think Rice and Salt should have won, although I see how Sawyer’s win is not the end of the universe. He’s not L. Ron Hubbard, after all
Ah, well. Do go over to Li’s site and read all of her Torcon entries, though. Hopefully if my ducks align in a row, I’ll be able to do stuff for next’s years Worldcon over in Boston.