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Not very amused by the turn of events which has caused the fall of the (now former) NY Governor. I was pleased, as an ex-patriate, when he was elected Governor of NY. After years of neglect under Pataki, I had high hopes Spitzer might get Albany to *work*.
And then he turns out to be a hypocrite. Decrying vice publically and loudly, and engaging it in it in private. What DOES several thousand dollars at a shot buy you in a prostitute, anyhow? Its too bad that Lady Sally’s does not exist in this world. Then the money might have done some good, you know?
I recall reading recently an article which mentioned that the cost of a drug could be correlated with its effectiveness. Patients given the same pills, but told that the drug cost different amounts had different outcomes, with the people who took the “expensive” pill having better outcomes.
Is the sex from a $5000 prostitute quantiatively better…or you just think its better because its expensive and so it is?

Shades of “The Core”!

Scientists digging to bottom of Earth – LiveScience –
Scientists have been digging at the bottom of the ocean floor near the Mid Atlantic Ridge, in an attempt to reach the Moho, the boundary between the crust of the planet, and the mantle. That boundary is far shallower at the bottom of the ocean than it is on land. (As seen in the Core, the reason why they begin in the ocean)
Very cool indeed. The knowledge about the mantle of the Earth that we could get in coming years as the drilling reaches and pierces the boundary could answer a lot of questions about the Earth’s composition, oceanic crust formation and more.