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Wednesday Weird: Disappearance

Claimh Solais: Wednesday Weird #12: The Disappearance
Nuadha’s return to Wednesday’s Weird is: The Disappearance.

Someone or something has gone missing. It’s a basic scenario that has jump-started the plot of many gaming scenarios as well as many works of fiction. As the protaganists piece the cluse together to try and find where a missing friend or item has gone, some of the clues could be completely weird….but when the mystery is solved it all makes sense. This is the weird challenge of the day: In the setting of your choice, something or someone has disappeared and there is something weird about the way the disappearance occured or where the missing item or person has disappeared to. How does it get weird?

I am going to give some details to a one shot that I did which fits this perfectly.

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