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All quiet on the Northern Front

So what have I been up to?

Work, mostly. I haven’t gone on any major trips in the Winter, it was a bad winter for photography and a lot of other things. I’ve struggled with depressive issues, mainly based on the problems of my recurring, permanent failures. Fail. Fail. Fail. It gets wearying.

I did take a day trip to the North Shore last week, which was healthy, but I crave a longer trip. But, we’ll see as always.

January 11th

Today, David Bowie Died…and so did my Car Battery. And I foolishly celebrated the latter by walking 3 miles in -9F temperature (possibly a personal record) to get to work instead of a more rational,
sane option like a cab or calling a co worker.

Stubborn, that’s me.

I listened to a lot of Bowie this evening while trying to recharge the car battery after it got jumped.

Bowie was early among the musical artists that my brother introduced me to. And so I will miss him.

Happy New Year. Jan 1,2016

2016 is here already. Yikes.

Tempus Fugit, and I am not getting any younger.

2015 was very up and down. I went to Rome at last! I came back to work to layoffs. I got entangled fully into the Puppies and the Hugos, which made more people pay attention to me–for good and for ill. I worked at being a better photographer, better reviewer, better podcaster. I then tried to disentangle myself from the Puppies, for my mental health

On Christmas, a Google Alert brought home to me the idea that even if I don’t pay attention to certain individuals, like James “Feminism is destroying SF!” May, they still pay attention to me. And I’ve gotten another new one, to start the new year.



(Okay, that’s Trajan, not Caligula)

But my life is my own. I hope to travel more, do more, be more. We’ll see how it goes.

Today is my 44th birthday

Today is my 44th birthday.

My birthday hasn’t really been something to celebrate for years, now. It’s a day closer to my death, a day to mark my mortality. It’s day that reinforces my loneliness. It’s a day to mark and measure the failures of my life.
My late father was a birthday twin of mine. Every birthday I have, is a reminder that my father has passed on, and that one day, I will die, too. It’s inescapable for me not to think of that.
It goes further, though.
Growing up, a bunch of family birthdays were celebrated all at once in Early October, rather than having an individual birthday celebration for me or a dual one for my father and I. While these family gatherings, at my grandmother’s house, were usually pleasant affairs, and there is a sense of family and camaraderie in having a grand birthday celebration, there is also something smaller about having a piece (and a small piece) of a celebration, rather than a celebration of one’s own. Sure, my mother made a birthday dinner every year, but really, any real celebration was usually deferred to the big family one.

The year that my grandmother passed away was a particularly tough one. She died only a few days before my birthday, and in the somber mood of that year, there wasn’t a birthday celebration, for the family, or for me.

I give credit to my friends Nicole, Matt and Bridgette. They surprised me with a surprise birthday party, once. An event never repeated before, or since. It was delightful, and memorable, just because it was so unexpected. So singular. It was a celebration not for the entirety of my family, or even my father and me. It was a celebration for ME.
I don’t follow astrology, but for the astrologically minded, I am a “shy introverted Libra”. I want to be social, I want people to like me, I want people to do stuff with me—but I have doubts when such social affairs occur, and I find it painfully impossible to propose such things. So, in the 13 years since I left New York City, my birthdays have been painfully lonely affairs.
In 2002, during my sojourn in California, my birthday was an abject failure. I took a long trip by bus and trail all the way to the Getty Museum to celebrate my birthday. It was a long, arduous trip. The worst part of it was—my attempts to call people, there, to try and reach out, all failed. I felt utterly, terribly, alone.
That was the start of the dark season , the dark season when I seriously contemplated suicide.
Beyond that dark moment, there were few celebrations (although sometimes My Friends the Olsons™ would invite me over once I moved to Minnesota) and much loneliness on my part. With Scott’s death, and Felicia’s moving to Arkansas (and even before that, when they lived in Iowa), my birthdays have really been intensely lonely, solitary affairs.
The cake is indeed a lie. But the world still turns and revolves, and the solar system hurtles through the galaxy, and the galaxy through the local group.
Life goes on.

The Travels of Mr. Weimer, 2014 Edition

2014 was a tough year on a number of fronts, starting off with the loss of one of my two best friends to Influenza. It was also a year of wonders and adventures as well, in terms of travel, exceeding 2013 in that regard.

I slept here, 2014 edition:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Ashland, Wisconsin
Starucca, Pennsylvania
London, UK
Carmel, Indiana

First Trip to the Ice Caves of Wisconsin. First visit to an Island by means of an ice highway (Madeline Island)
Second Trip to London and First in over 20 years
First World Science Fiction Convention (Loncon3)
First visit to Stonehenge, Bath

2014 Cardinal Directions
Furthest North: London, England
Furthest East: London, England
Furthest South: Carmel, Indiana
Furthest West: Itasca State Park
Highest Above Sea Level (excluding airplanes): 1555 feet, Oberg Mountain
Lowest Above Sea Level: 50 feet Below Sea Level, London Underground

Conventions Attended:
4th Street Fantasy
Worldcon (Loncon3)

Failure Road

The long road of my life is lined with failures, shortcomings,& foolishness glowing like eternally burning car wrecks far ahead, and behind.

and yet, still, I keep walking along that road

Scott Olson Obituary and Memorial Information


Scott Daniel Olson
On January 26, 2014, Scott Daniel Olson , age 47 of Marion Iowa, left this Earth for a better place after a fierce battle with influenza and pneumonia.
Born on April 3, 1966 to Dan K. and Jeanne Field Olson in DeQueen, AR. His family moved to many places while his father worked on Heavy Construction Projects. Scott attended schools in Colorado, Georgia, Montana and Minnesota, graduating from Darlington Academy in Rome Georgia. Some of his happiest years were at Darllington where he captained their Scholar Bowl team and won a National Merit Scholarship.
Scott graduated from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota with a dual major in History and Computer Science. He remained in the Twin Cities Area for most of the rest of his life working as a Software Engineer usually on Aircraft or Defense projects. He moved to Marion in 2010 to take a job with Rockwell Collins.
On December 30, 1998 Scott married the love of his life, Felicia Elizabeth Knight in St. Paul, MN. He took on a wonderful step-son, Damion Paul Schroeder and in October of 2003 they added their beloved daughter Danielle Marissa, making their family complete.
Scott loved airplanes, bird watching, games of strategy, traveling to National Parks and cooking for family and friends. Even as a small boy he enjoyed hunting and fishing especially with his father and brother James.
Scott is survived by his loving wife of 15 years Felicia Olson and his daughter Danielle both of Marion, IA, his step-son Damion Paul Schroeder of Birmingham, AL, his parents, Dan K and Jeanne F. Olson of Kalispell, MT, his brother James (Laurie) Olson and nephews Alexander and Zachary of Bellevue, WA.
There will be a celebration of Scott’s life later in the year.
In lieu of flowers, a Memorial for Scott D. Olson account has been set up at Collins Community Credit Union in Cedar Rapids to help the family with expenses.
You can mail donations to:
PO Box 10500
Cedar Rapids Iowa 52410-0500
Memorial Fund for Scott D. Olson
Or if you have an account with the Credit Union you can call:
319-393-9000 and transfer funds.
Alternatively, you can use Paypal: