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My Travel Adventures 2016

2016 was a hard year on many fronts for a lot of people. Beloved singers and actors died. A reality show creator became President. And much much more.

I got to go on several adventures this year, take pictures and see things old and new. I’m going to focus on those, because positivity is something that
is valuable to everyone. You can read about the horribleness of Trump, and the loss of Prince, Bowie, and others elsewhere. I raise a glass to their
memory, and hold tight to the fact that I will work against our Chaotic Evil President-Elect (soon to be President).

So where did I go?

Major trips:

I made several trips to the North Shore in 2016. The furthest North I got was Cascade River State Park, just short of Grand Marais. I didn’t spend
any nights on the shore this year, because of the cost. I hope for a longer trip up there in 2017. I did make a “butterfly friend” after all


I made a trip to Colorado in August, to see Felicia and Dani, who were on a trip from Arkansas to Montana and back. While in Colorado, the three of
us set a personal above-sea-level-not-in-a-plane record with a drive up Mt. Evans to 14130 feet. (Higher than Pike’s Peak by a few feet!). I strongly
recommend the drive up Mt. Evans. It costs, but the views and the experience made it more than worth it. I wish I had had a thicker jacket, though.

Also in Colorado, separately from the Olsons, I set a record for furthest West of the year, while I was in Glacier Gorge in RMNP. That was the trip
where I got lost and got this picture in trying to get myself unlost:

Glacier Gorge

I also got to hike with Courtney Schafer and Alex Acks in a spot almost due south of Glacier Gorge in a different part of the front range. That was a lot of fun too.


In September, I headed East, seeing Family and Friends and more



Fran Wilde

I finished my trips for the year with a fall color trip to Itasca.

Forest path in Itasca

Onto 2017!