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2017 Travels, Travails and Traverses: My Travel year

2017, a banner year for me traveling. I thought 2016 was hard. I had no idea what 2017 was going to be.

Major Trips:

Well, the Down Under Fan Fund allowed me to take a Trip to New Zealand and Australia. That was huge.

I also went to Worldcon in Helsinki, Finland. Not a place I ever expected to WANT to go, but I was enchanted by the city and its environs.

Those two huge trips dominated the year, quite frankly. I made a day trip now and again to places like the North Shore…

…and the St Croix valley…

…and the Minnesota River Valley…

New Records:
Furthest South: Wellington, New Zealand.
Furthest West: Warrnambool, Australia.
Furthest North: Helsinki, Finland
Furthest East: Helsinki, Finland

New Capitals Visited:
And yes, I ate at a McDonalds in each.

Onto 2018!

My Travel Adventures 2016

2016 was a hard year on many fronts for a lot of people. Beloved singers and actors died. A reality show creator became President. And much much more.

I got to go on several adventures this year, take pictures and see things old and new. I’m going to focus on those, because positivity is something that
is valuable to everyone. You can read about the horribleness of Trump, and the loss of Prince, Bowie, and others elsewhere. I raise a glass to their
memory, and hold tight to the fact that I will work against our Chaotic Evil President-Elect (soon to be President).

So where did I go?

Major trips:

I made several trips to the North Shore in 2016. The furthest North I got was Cascade River State Park, just short of Grand Marais. I didn’t spend
any nights on the shore this year, because of the cost. I hope for a longer trip up there in 2017. I did make a “butterfly friend” after all


I made a trip to Colorado in August, to see Felicia and Dani, who were on a trip from Arkansas to Montana and back. While in Colorado, the three of
us set a personal above-sea-level-not-in-a-plane record with a drive up Mt. Evans to 14130 feet. (Higher than Pike’s Peak by a few feet!). I strongly
recommend the drive up Mt. Evans. It costs, but the views and the experience made it more than worth it. I wish I had had a thicker jacket, though.

Also in Colorado, separately from the Olsons, I set a record for furthest West of the year, while I was in Glacier Gorge in RMNP. That was the trip
where I got lost and got this picture in trying to get myself unlost:

Glacier Gorge

I also got to hike with Courtney Schafer and Alex Acks in a spot almost due south of Glacier Gorge in a different part of the front range. That was a lot of fun too.


In September, I headed East, seeing Family and Friends and more



Fran Wilde

I finished my trips for the year with a fall color trip to Itasca.

Forest path in Itasca

Onto 2017!

The photo I took when I was terribly lost in the wilderness

A bit dramatic, but not inaccurate.

On the way back from Lake of Glass (see the email I sent the other day), I went off trail to try and get a better picture of The Loch once I made it to the Vale. Being too clever by half, I did not retrace my steps right back to the trail, but instead went on, figuring I would intersect the trail and all would be well.

This proved not to be the case. I went further and further off trail, walking through the forest, and not sure at all where I was or even what direction I was headed.

Finally I climbed a rather imposing slope to an outcrop to get my bearings. I figured I would see the Loch nearby, reorient myself and get myself unlost.

What I saw when I got to the top of the knob was this:


You can see the Loch, where I was when I started going off trail as that tiny dark patch at about the middle of the photo. I had somehow, someway gotten way out south, thinking I was really east of the lake the entire time.

Later, now, I figure I had managed to get onto the hill in this map marked “glacier” (its actually cut off and should be “Glacier knob”. I didn’t know that at the time.


So I headed straight down in the direction of the Loch, figuring I HAD to hit the lake, or the trail, first. Halfway down the knob, I saw people walking on the trail, and I managed to scramble my way to known territory again.

End of 2015: UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited

Since I’ve visited a few of them by now, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites I’ve visited.

Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor
Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Illinois
Mesa Verde National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites
City of Bath
Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey including Saint Margaret’s Church
Tower of London
Maritime Greenwich
Archaeological Areas of Pompei, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata
Villa D’Este, Tivoli
Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli

Vatican City
Historic Centre of Rome, the Properties of the Holy See in that City Enjoying Extraterritorial Rights and San Paolo Fuori le Mura

The Journeys of Paul, 2015 edition

2015 was a banner year for travel for me, highlighted by crossing off the biggest thing on my bucket list, Rome!

So, the Stats:

Multi Day Trips, 2015:
Driving Trip to Arkansas
Flight to Rome, Italy

Places Slept, 2015:
Roseville, Minnesota (home)
Lawrence, Kansas
Sherwood, Arkansas
Hannibal, Missouri
Rome, Italy

Cardinal Directions:
Furthest North (North America): Cascade River State Park, Minnesota
Furthest North: Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands
Furthest East (North America): JFK Airport, New York City
Furthest East: Pompeii, Italy (all time furthest East reached)
Furthest South: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Furthest West: Topeka, Kansas

State Capitols Seen (New):
Topeka, Kansas
Little Rock, Arkansas
Jefferson City, Missouri
Springfield, Illinois
Madison, Wisconsin

National Parks (New):
Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Fast Facts about my trip to Arkansas

I’m back from Arkansas! Here’s the CE_VOIoUUAA5GbW

Miles Traveled from home to Sherwood: 973 miles
Miles Traveled from Sherwood to home: 1088 miles

States Visited:

State Capitols seen:

National Parks Visited:
Hot Springs NP

State Parks Visited:
Toltec Mounds
Pinnacle Mountain

Other Sites Visited:
Bill Clinton Presidential Library

Camera Lenses Broken:

3 (including two requiring a pull-over)

Meat and Threes eaten:

The Travels of Mr. Weimer, 2014 Edition

2014 was a tough year on a number of fronts, starting off with the loss of one of my two best friends to Influenza. It was also a year of wonders and adventures as well, in terms of travel, exceeding 2013 in that regard.

I slept here, 2014 edition:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Ashland, Wisconsin
Starucca, Pennsylvania
London, UK
Carmel, Indiana

First Trip to the Ice Caves of Wisconsin. First visit to an Island by means of an ice highway (Madeline Island)
Second Trip to London and First in over 20 years
First World Science Fiction Convention (Loncon3)
First visit to Stonehenge, Bath

2014 Cardinal Directions
Furthest North: London, England
Furthest East: London, England
Furthest South: Carmel, Indiana
Furthest West: Itasca State Park
Highest Above Sea Level (excluding airplanes): 1555 feet, Oberg Mountain
Lowest Above Sea Level: 50 feet Below Sea Level, London Underground

Conventions Attended:
4th Street Fantasy
Worldcon (Loncon3)