Just another Manic Monday. Let’s

Just another Manic Monday.
Let’s see what bases we can cover.
The Giants absolutely, positively screwed the pooch, so to speak. The redskins had beaten the Eagles, and that was only good news for the Giants…but the Raiders dominated them completely and utterly. It wasn’t even close. :Sigh:
Still, the NFL looks wide open still. Sure, the Rams look like the best team, but this year seems to be the “Any Given Sunday” sort of year. With a little luck and getting to the playoffs, the Rams could fall to the Packers…or the Bears…the 49ers or even the Eagles. The AFC seems even more of a crapshoot. Maybe the Raiders are now the Rams of the AFC, but they are far less dominant. And just behind them are the Steelers, and the Ravens, the Dolphins and even (gasp!) the NY Jets.
This year, a Jets-Bears Super Bowl might be a very long shot, but it could happen.
My prediction thus far, Rams and Raiders, with the Rams enjoying the clime of the Louisiana Superdome and outrunning the Raiders, 31-21.
Next up: Writing.
Both Bridgette and Ray are enjoying what I have thus far. I just hope to keep the quality up, and continue. I shall definitely have a link here to it when I am done, and maybe I will publish an excerpt or two. This is really the first time I have gotten this deep into Marcus’ head…its first person.
Finished reading Nylund’s A GAME OF UNIVERSE. He definitely writes Fantasy better than SF…its too bad that he has been reduced to doing a media tie in novel to a Microsoft XBox game. I’ve several ideas that I can lift from his novel for Amber ideas. While Universe is not quite as good as Dry Water, its definitely underappreciated stuff…and now out of print.
My next book to read is Cherryh’s Fires of Azeroth. Yep, you guessed it. Morgaine, the wielder of Changeling. I’ve slowly intergrated those books into my reading queue, and if you didn’t know, that’s book three in the series. The first two were as good as advertised.

Black Friday, the biggest shopping

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year…and I predict it will be one of the worst, financially, in a decade, at least. Oh, people may go out…but they will not buy as much, and with the steep discounts, the total profit is going to be way down.
Sad. It would have been bad enough, but 9-11 pushed it over the edge.
I’ve started to work on actually writing Marcus’ Murder Mystery.

Saw the Harry Potter movie

Saw the Harry Potter movie today.
I made the mistake, as dear Bonnie puts it, of reading the book first…and so I was disappointed in some spots by the movie…but it wasn’t a severe disappointment…far from it! I loved the movie, but do not give it “timeless classic” status. Kids will not be watching this movie endlessly for the next 50 years like, say the Wizard of Oz or Willy Wonka or Star Wars…but it will do very well, very well indeed.
Casting was very good. Alan Rickman IS Professor Snape, suitably malevolent looking for the part. The young actors and actress playing Harry, Ron and Hermione do a generally good job. We don’t see enough of Dumbledore or McGongall to really form a good opinion, in my opinion. The actor playing Hagrid did a good job, though.
Special effects and sets were very well done. I wish they might have contrasted the muggles world with the wizard’s world a little more forcefully, but a lot of the set pieces worked well…the Alley, Gringotts, and of course, Hogwarts itself. Quidditch came out rather well…it could not have been filmed 5 years ago, I am certain, and maintain its believeability. It does look a little more chaotic than in the book, however…a lot less clear on the rules.
Overall, out of five popcorn kernels, I give it four.

Been very busy the last

Been very busy the last few days with work, and such. The virus is all gone, and I am completely back to normal. In game news, the Festival of the Unicorn comes closer and closer, and Bridgette’s character is partially responsible for a surprise that will happen at the Ball. I hope she enjoys the situation, too.
Marcus’ story is just about jelled and ready for writing.

Stomach Virus! An intestinal tract

Stomach Virus!
An intestinal tract ailment of some sort has knocked me on my derriere the last couple of days. I got it from my brother, who got it from his girlfriend and her mother. Fortunately my little nephew, who just might be the “carrier” that gave it to Lana and her mother, did not get it himself.
Boy, this bug is a nasty one. My vomit was actually BLACK with crap. It was considerably unpleasant to have it coming out of both ends, and to be sleepless while tossing and turning with intestines turned into Gordian knots.
I’m feeling somewhat better now.

Another quiet weekend. NOBILIS is

Another quiet weekend.
NOBILIS is being pushed back to January, or even more likely, February. Arrgh! The closer we get to the publication date, the faster it recedes…sort of like a perverse Zeno’s Achilles and the Tortoise paradox. Or the speed of light.
However, the other day I picked up AGONE. You can tell that its a translation (from
France), but its very interesting thus far. Mythic, Epic fantasy. Baroque. The artwork in the book definitely is keeping in theme. The meat of the book is not bad thus far, although there are holes (as always). The character generation system is sort of like White Wolf. No dice during character creation, but d10’s for skills and such. I’m usually more interested in milieus, concepts and so forth than rules. Harmundia (the name of the game world) would make an interesting shadow for Amber. The reason why I picked up AGONE was that I had heard about it on the Nobilis list sometime back (and someone mentioned it would be an interesting world on Ygg). I had not seen it in a store until the other day when I saw it in the Compleat Strategist. I bought it on the spot. I shall miss the Strategist when I move west…there is really no other store like it in physical reality. Of course with the internet, its not so bad as it was, say, ten years ago, when options to buy RPG stuff was really limited and I could see people making long trips to stores like the CS. Now, its a click to Wizard’s Attic or any number of places.
Still, browsing a store has its merits.
I did a graphic for SB which represents the schedule of events in the “Festival of the Unicorn”. I might put it online once more players get into the day.