I’m alive

Here I am with a few minutes before flying to detroit with the kindly OLsons, just giving a “shout out” so to speak. I’d do email but without my computer, I don’t have my address book…
Hope everyone is doing well. I feel…funny but then, I have radically changed my situation, hopefully for the better.

Signing off

MY blog entry while in the state of California, I will likely be silent until at least a week from Tuesday, when I come back from the con and start to integrate myself into the new life that awaits me…in Minnesota.

Game WISH 39

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 39: Cheating
Have you ever played with someone who cheated? (Fudging dice rolls or implying greater powers than they really had, or some other abuse of in-game trust´┐Ż) How did you handle it? How would you recommend it be handled?
There is definitely a line between bluffing what your character can do, and outright cheating and trying to gimmick a system against the other players (or the GM)

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As the preparations for the con come to a head, I decided I would share my other new character, Arkantos, son of Benedict.
Arkantos, son of Benedict
Description: 6’1″ Tall, Black haired and dark-eyed, Arkantos might be mistaken, at first for a stereotypical son of Corwin, Eric or Deirdre. His looks derive far more from his mother than his father.
Colors: Royal Blue and Gold
Symbol: A trireme, gold on a blue background

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In the Shadow of Greatness

Arref, over on in the Shadow of Greatness has been thinking about one of his ideas, the dark mirror “In the Shadow of Greatness” Amber setting. (Yes, the name of this game and his blog have a common origin)
I was one of the individuals that he discussed this idea with, when he first conceived it. Now, it seems, Arref is flexing the milieu once again.
So here comes a quick “writing experiment” and see if I can’t provide the seed for one of this unusual dark mirror’s denizens. IF this offends, Arref, I will remove it. But we did talk a lot about this, back when you had the idea, and some of those memories are stirred now.

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Goodbye DBS

Well, yesterday was my last day at work, at Drawer Box Specialties.
Bittersweet? Yes, hell yes. Many of the people who read this blog me know my personality, either by experience or otherwise. I tend to be introverted, but to strangers. When I get to know people, and become comfortable with them, I open up. I become garrulous. I post “words of the week” on the ersatz bulletin board. I chat about mutual (and sometimes not so mutual) interests.

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A question of character

In my preparation for Ambercon, and the submission of characters for my games, something unprecedented for me happened.
I was submitted a character to whom that I had a viscerally negative reaction. I am reluctant to release telling details of this character, or the player because they might be known quantities, and I don’t wish to offend anyone…but I discuss some aspects of the character below.

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Introducing Jonas Asherton

Since Arref has asked to know a little more about my Texorami character…Jonas.
Character Name: Jonas Asherton
Player: Paul Weimer
Description: Jonas is 5’11” tall, thin, almost in a tuberculosis sort of manner. John will claim that it came from a bout of malaria when he visited “the jungle”. He is pale-skinned, black hair cut short. He typically dresses in a long black coat, white shirt, and dark trousers and usually wears a dark hat.
Colors: Besides his typical black, he often will wear and use effects in silver, and turquoise as accents: cufflinks, rings, etc.
Symbol: A caduceus
Read on to the extended part of the entry for more

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Still standing

Work has been busy as of late, training my replacement, Nguyen. But here I am with a few minutes before work taking the opportunity to check in so, to speak.
Highlights of other things
–finished and sent my character for Chris Kindred’s games. My character for Texorami, one Jonas Asherton, will likely have a link to Bridgette’s PC. My character for Wolves is going to be a son of Benedict. I lamented elsewhere, once that I didn’t have grandchildren of Cymnea (ie children of Benedict and his siblings) in my repertoire. Arkantos is designed to fill in that lacunae.
Thanks to Arref for his publication of his latest SB turn. This truly is SB at its best, and a good illustration of the best in the game. SB has a number of interesting developments as of late, the “Assassins at the Docks” is but one of them. People like Deb, and Mike Levay, and Jim, and Bridgette all know what I mean.
This entry was also to test multiple category items. I see that its worked. I had some problems over the weekend trying to get categories to work right–I could assign things, fine, but I couldn’t seem to get the category archives to work. Happily, they are working now.