Another Quiet Weekend

Yep, yet another “House Alone” for me this weekend is in the cards…since the Olsons leave early this afternoon to drive Damion back to his biological father in Alabama.
Which means, of course, more driving of Scott’s truck, as distasteful as it is to maneuver the kludgy vehicle. It could be worse, though–it coulda been a stick shift.

Stats on Morgenstern

I’ve decided, as have many others, to accept the wonderfully reasoned and thought-out calculation for the statistics on Julian’s steed, Morgenstern, over at Lost and Found Annex.
I have long since ball-parked, unofficially, what Morgenstern must be like (since I do have an active and enthusiastic Julian child PC) but these stats have some “heft” to them.
Update: The House of Cards blog (Thanks Ginger) has a discussion on this
Update 2: My original ballparks, for what its worth, are around 2000 pounds and 8′ tall. Even so, he’ll need fairly large hooves…and mud would be a problem for him


Yesterday, Sunday, the Olson family and I went on one of their annual (semi annual?) pilgrimages down to Owatonna, MN. There lies the Cabela’s superstore.
It’s an Outdoor sporting goods store. Everything from fishing poles to kayaks to, well, an extensive gun selection. The restaurant upstairs has some unusual items on the menu, including Venison Ostrich, and Caribou along with the more standard fare.
It’s quite a place. We spent much of the time in the gun section–since Scott does own and fire guns, Felicia has fired guns (especially during her short stint in the Marines) and Damion wants to learn to fire guns next year when he’s legal to do so. And I? Well, although I couldn’t hold it worth a damn, even I picked up a gun or two in perhaps unconscious imitation.
But even besides the firearms, its a rather intriguing place. There is a substantial aquarium, the aforementioned restaurant, and the largest collection of taxidermic animals this side of the Museum of Natural History.
Afterwards, we went to the megamall (aka Mall of America) where I somehow managed to be the only person not to buy anything. But, then again, we didn’t pass near one of my major temptations there–the Atlantic Book Warehouse.
All in all, a long, but good day.

Getting into the Country

Ginger points us to an excellent Newsweek International article online about the new frustrations that foreigners are facing entering the country. New rules on visas and passports has made an obstacle course for people to get into the US, and there are horror stories out there.
And I will point to my post about the Canada trip for the Olsons. Yes, a passport is not *necessary* for US Citizens to get back into the US from Canada, but it seems to be getting that way.
I just hope that the idea of internal passports does not get floated anytime soon.
“Quo Vadis”