Friends Moving Northeast

As highlighted on one of their fellow Houstonians, what is Houston’s loss will be New Jersey’s gain, as Ginger and Michael will be moving from the Gulf Coast…to the East Coast.
I have lots of friends and acquaintances up in the ol’ Northeast and I am sure Ginger and Michael will get a real welcome.
Note to self: Come up with lists of things for Ginger and Michael to learn about, see and do in their soon to be new stomping grounds.

The terrorist new best friend

Apparently is the humble Farmer’s Almanac.
The Farmer’s Almanac.
Our War on Terror is turning into a farce that Monty Python would think too unrealistic to portray.
I mean, can you imagine if I just happen to carry an almanac with me to Ambercon, and my bags are searched at the security checkpoint? Or worse, what if some poor soul who looks (even if not actually) of Middle Eastern extraction does the same?

Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.
Of course, that’s not the actual definition of the Winter Solstice. The actual solstice revolves around the oblique angle of the Sun to the ecliptic.
An article in the Washington Post explains it all.
Here in Minnesota, the daylight today is less than 8 and a half hours long.
But then, I enjoyed the long summer solstice here (nearly 16 hours of daylight), so this is retribution.
And to those pagan friends of mine…I wish you well on this holiday.

WISH 77: Contributions and Influence

Ginger’s WISH this week:
This week, we�re talking about contributions again, but from a balance perspective.
What do you think the value of contributions to a game is? Do you think it�s fair for the GM to give out experience or character points for contributions? If so, what qualifies? What about the informal value of contributions? Do they balance or unbalance a game?

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Bye bye Fossel

Jim Fossel, with my beloved Giants at a awful 4-10 with two games to go, has announced he will part ways with the team at the end of the season.
Too bad.
He will leave the Giants as one of the few Giants coaches with a lifetime winning record even if they lose the last two games. (Parcells is the only other modern coach in Giants History to leave with a winning record, before that you have to go back to the 60’s.)
Bad luck has plagued the team lately, dating back to that playoff loss to SF last year.
I will miss Fossel. He was finally letting the offense finally loosen up. For far too long, calling him Fossil was an apt and apporpriate pun.
C’est La Vie.