A game-changing SB turn

I decided to share it here for the benefit of all of you, because I am proud that this storyline has finally seen fruit.
A little context. IMC, Rebma is technically a vassal of Amber in the same sense that Australia, New Zealand and Canada pay homage to the Queen of England even though they are independent countries. This relationship between Amber and Rebma has varied over time, depending on who was on each throne at the time.

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Giants coming to play the Vikings

Even bigger for me than the news that the Giants traded with the San Diego Chargers to get Eli Manning, the player drafted #1 in the NFL Draft (and hopefully a QB to match his brother Peyton) is the news that the Vikings schedule this year has an important (to me) home game on Halloween…
The Vikings are going to host the Giants.
I want a ticket. And since the Giants are *not* the Packers or Bears, who are their big rivals, I think I can manage the opportunity. I just have to manage to afford it…
But I’d love to finally go to a football game.

The Titanic

Today, April 15, in 1912, the Titanic sank off of Newfoundland, after striking an iceberg. The idea of the “unsinkable” ship being felled is a powerful one, wrapping up ambition, hubris and many other powerful themes. It’s almost ironic that the hugely popular movie about the ship nearly avoids these entirely in favor of a love story.
It would also make a really good Monday Mashup, IMO.

All archives, here

With thanks to Meera, and some luck on my web host, I was finally able to get a complete export file from the MT installation I used to have at all-roads-lead.
With that, and with Meera’s sorcery, now the Compleat Blog, Jvstin Style is now available here at this edition of BJS (since the A-R-L edition had had the original mindspring blogger edition of BJS long since enfolded into it).
So now you have one stop shopping on every blog entry I’ve made. I probably will slowly clean up the older entries. And make sure I am not repeating myself.
Thanks, Meera.
I noticed, despite my previous talk about same, that pop-up comments still happen on entries accessed through archives. I need to fix that. (And yes, I promise, Meera, I will explain just what voodoo and jury rigging I did to get rid of them without a plug-in)