Just in case you missed it

Here’s a shout out to an updated blog and address for Wendi Strang Frost’s personal blog. I don’t know when she made the switchover, or if I knew it and forgot, but go visit Pears in my Pockets.
Everyone I know is more talented than me, in different ways. Wendi in a pen-and-ink artistic fashion.
And she gets added to the list of “Everyone I know who has seen Bubba Ho Tep loves it”.
I’ve gotta get this movie, I think. Or at least see it.

Size of the Universe

Astronomers have made an estimate on the size of the universe.
This is based on examining cosmic background microwave radiation.
156 Billion Light Years in diameter, assuming its spherical.
By comparison, and getting into Carl Sagan mode for a second:
If the distance to the nearest large spiral galaxy, Andromeda (2 MLY away) was the distance across the diagonal of your 19 inch monitor screen, the distance across the known universe would be 24 miles from end to end.

Myrna Loy and Fi

I admit that I am not as up on classic movies as I should be. Citizen Kane? I’m there. Metropolis. Absolutely. Alfred Hitchcock. Of course.
But I can only see and know so much. In his Amber the Eternal City, Arref has long since “casted” Fiona as Myrna Loy. I knew who she was, but could never figure out why.
Until he, in a recent blog entry showed this picture from a movie he is certain is “Mask of Fu Manchu”
Now I want to see this movie.