The Black Road

Slightly delayed TBR Report
Fun and adventures at The Black Road
It was quite a trip.
Travel to and from the Con turned out to be not what quite I intended or anyone intended, since my trip there resulted in waiting in Barnes and Noble for enfeebled Deb and BrIAnne to pick me up in Deb’s van. My trip back consisted of my flight to Chicago being delayed for an hour, and subsequently missing my connection. I had to wait standby for the next Minneapolis flight. Thus, I spent 12 hours all told from the time I left the hotel to the time I walked into my apartment.
But enough of THAT. You wanna hear about games and stuff, just like Amber Ditullio recently reported
As far as that was concerned, I had lots of fun.
Slot 1: In her Shoes (GM’s Amber and Rich DiTullio)
I played one of my standards, the DuMarquean Trump Artist Hadrian, son of Caine. Body switching, a Delirium-like opponent and lots of fight scenes. A good way to introduce the con
Slot 2: The Wizard in the Attic (GM by me)
WITA quickly dispelled any illusions or thoughts that TBR would just be a mini-ACUS. This was the third iteration of the game. The First one featured furniture moving madness, the second featured trips in the Mirror Realm. This one had PC versus PC conflict and fighting, characters who, despite the suggestions of the game, actually had strong ties to Chaos, and lots of spell and swordwork.
Slot 3: I took this slot off since the offerings didn’t really appeal. I shopped, ate, watched a couple of movies with [info]adpaz, and “maxed and chilled”.
Slot 4: Dreams Made Flesh (Gmed by me)
This might be my best success at the con, although this one went way off intended tracks too. I had JP Brennan’s PC turn traitor on everyone else, trying to take personal advantage of the scene. I had a PC try to really kill another, the victim saved only by good stuff. An endgame I could never have anticipated, with the main antagonist not there at all (because I realized that the antagonist could have won, easily, had they been there with all else that was going on).
The first DMF’s PCs treated their “surprises” with sometimes romantic affections. This group took advantage in a GA manner of the opportunities.
Slot 5: Guess Who (Gmed by me, Amber DiTullio and Deb Atwood)
My disappointment of the con. Thanks to being up late the previous night, we lost the Hivemind from the player roster, and the smaller PC cast hurt the plot badly. The Gms and I had to force matters to get to the climatic resolution and decision. Having Random as a PC worked, but, again, missing two players just didn’t work right.
I don’t feel the need to run any of these again any time soon. WITA has now had 3 iterations and can go in the vault (like Disney movies) for a while, as does DMF. Guess Who probably will go into abeyance for a while, too. Next TBR (yes, I do want to go!) I might throw a previous game like SquAB or Ghosts of the Past into the mix…or rerun something that I run at ACUS that year.
Besides games, we had gatherings, board games, card games and I got to meet people I’ve only seen online–like Ginger, Michael, Olof from HOC, and more. And it was great to see people I’ve met already, and old friends too.
Definitely a good vacation all around. Definitely. A beautiful hotel near to food and a grocery store. What more could anyone ask for?

Greg Bear’s Takedown

On last Friday’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday, they broadcasted from that new Science Fiction Museum.
One of their call-in callers tried to make the argument that we spend too much on manned missions to Space and we should spend that money on making Earth perfect and good and not waste it up there.
Greg Bear took down the whiny little bitch:
“What if we waited to clean up our house and clean the bathrooms and make our beds before we ever stepped outside the door? How often would we step outside the door? Think how boring life would be.”
If you want to hear the broadcast…
Science Friday June 18, 2004 Hour Two.
The whiny little bitch comes on at 33:00 into the program.

Still Waiting for a Feast

According to Maria, on Crooked Timber, the Fourth Book in A Song of Ice and Fire Series (aka The Game of Thrones series) by George R.R. Martin is still not done–and Martin is getting cranky about people asking him about it.
The thing is, of course, that people are bugging him for the fourth book because its predecessors are arguably the best currently being written fantasy series out there. (Much better than Jordan, Brooks and Goodkind).
There is even a board game out based on the first two novels, that plays very much like a cross between Diplomacy and Kingmaker.
There is supposedly an RPG book in the works, but that won’t be really worked upon until a Feast for Crows is finished.

Game Dream 1: Voice

Confessions of a Game Addict has decided to take up the mantle of Ginger’s Game WISH, rebranding it as “Game Dream”
The First Game Dream is about Voice.
When Role Playing Games are discussed, the subject of first-person versus third-person character narratives sometimes surfaces. When you play a character, do you assume first-person, using your voice as his or hers, or do you use third person, simply describing what he or she is doing? Do you switch between first and third person, or try to adhere to one? When other players are in character, does the use of first or third person affect your immersion in the game?

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