Redskins and the Presidential Race

MSNBC -Election to be Decided by the Packers-Skins Game?
Apparently, there is a trend going on with the Washington Redskins. If they win their last home game before the presidential election, the incumbent party stays in power. If they lose, so does the party. It’s a streak over 17 games, and six decades.
So…if Green Bay wins, John Kerry will win. If the Redskins beat them, “W” will pull off the victory.
Well, these streaks are amusing…but they are really statistical flukes, aren’t they?
At least, I’m sure my friend Scott, both a vowed Republican AND a Green Bay fan, thinks so.

Greatest Equation

Via Atrios
I concur, one of the greatest purely mathematical equations (I am excluding the physics equations of Newton, Maxwell and Einstein) is definitely Euler’s equation.
It’s got it all, baby. negative numbers, transcendental numbers (e and pi), zero, one and exponents.

Happy Birthday to the Earth(?)

Today, October 23rd, is theoretically the birthday of the Earth, if you follow the calculations of 17th century Bishop James Ussher.
According to him, the Earth was created on October 23rd, 4004 BC..
I have to admit that, for a wrongheaded approach, he certainly put a lot of thought and reasoning into getting this figure. And it was in the ballpark, at the time, that other biblical scholars accepted.
Of course, not long thereafter, the new science of Geology soon made hay of Ussher’s patient but highly incorrect diligent work.

Wolfpacks for Truth

The advantage of the Internet is that you can respond to silliness with satire, and quickly.
I’ve seen (online) the imbecilic George W. Bush commercial that uses a wolfpack to represent terrorists.
I’m not blinkered-eyed about Wolves, but they have gotten a rather bad rap over the centuries. In truth, they are intelligent animals. After all, every dog that exists today originally came from a wolf-like ancestor that man domesticated… The Real Story on George Bush’s “Wolves” Commercial