Inspired by Recent Events #2: Orange Revolution

Even with other choices out there, such as the 49th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ brave action, I can’t ignore the 900 lb elephant of a recent event in the room for our second IRE.
No, I am referring to the putative Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, events unfolding and developing even as we speak. Revolutions can be rich fodder for game ideas, and in the chinese sense, “Interesting Times” for any PC.

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Philadelphia 27, NYG 6 – Philadelphia at New York Game Recap
Lesson from yesterday’s game:
Your team is only as effective as your offensive and defensive lines. Without one, you are in trouble.
Without both…you are almost surely doomed.
8-8 might be optimistic at this point for my boys in blue. Putting a rookie quarterback behind that OL is a recipe for disaster. They couldn’t stop any blitz Philly threw at them.
They did decently in the first half, and should have had a lead instead of field goals, but they simply couldn’t keep it up.

Wednesday Weird: Disappearance

Claimh Solais: Wednesday Weird #12: The Disappearance
Nuadha’s return to Wednesday’s Weird is: The Disappearance.

Someone or something has gone missing. It’s a basic scenario that has jump-started the plot of many gaming scenarios as well as many works of fiction. As the protaganists piece the cluse together to try and find where a missing friend or item has gone, some of the clues could be completely weird….but when the mystery is solved it all makes sense. This is the weird challenge of the day: In the setting of your choice, something or someone has disappeared and there is something weird about the way the disappearance occured or where the missing item or person has disappeared to. How does it get weird?

I am going to give some details to a one shot that I did which fits this perfectly.

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Time for me to renew my passport. Soon.

Cult of Personality

The Blue Lemur – Progressive Politics and Media News � Mysterious %u2018George W. Bush: Our leader%u2019 Clear Channel political public service billboard graces Orlando freeway
This is rather creepy. Its not the fact that someone decided to put the picture of the President on a billboard. Its the juxtoposition of it with the worlds “Our Leader.”
I just get a chill with that phrase. It feels authoritarian, something out of China, or North Korea, or one of the central asian republics.
Even if the billboard said “Our President”, I wouldn’t be creeped out by this at all.

What’s the Inuit word for Barn Owl?

MSNBC – As ice melts, Arctic peoples at loss for words
The point of the article linked above is that there is no word, since the Inuit have no recent experience with temperatures this warm in the arctic north. Global Warming is very uneven, but its been strong in the far north.
No polar ice during the summer in the year 2100? That’s the current projection, and its scary. Its scary that right now species are pushing north, and causing increasing stress on the biota of the arctic.

Pot and Kettle?

It seems those troubles with the Ukrainian election have caused our government not to accept the election results.
Sad to say, but I would, in the shoes of the Ukrainian government, laugh uproariously at such an accusation–from the US.
This is not to say that there is definitive proof of any fraud in our recent election, but with stories like the county office that was locked down because they were afraid of terrorists disrupting a vote count, to the county which briefly reported negative 16000 votes for Kerry…we really have no room to talk these days.
And that, my friends, is the sad thing.