IRE #6: Bowl Games

It is a coincidence, I am sure, that my fourth IRE, two weeks ago, dealt with the theme of a horrific disaster. So this week I do not feel compelled to address the tragedy of the Earthquake/Tsunami.
Instead, we are going to go for something cheerier. Or not, if you don’t feel up to it this week.
This is the time of the year in football, both College and Professional, that we concern ourselves with playoffs, rankings and bowl games. The Rose Bowl and the Parade, too, are in a few days. So let’s take this celebration and pinnacle of a year in sport as our theme this week, ok?

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George Bush exhibiting strong leadership?

Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal: A Weblog: Why Oh Why Are We Ruled by These Idiots? (Moral Leadership Department)
I remember the “George Bush is exhibiting strong leadership” meme from a couple of years ago, when it turned up in Astroturfed letters to newspapers across the country.
I suppose continuing a vacation at the Ranch while tens of thousands have died is precisely part of that exhibition.
We’re the richest, strongest country in the world, and our government seems reluctant to help and miserly to boot.
I’d gladly increase my tax burden by a few dollars this year to help with rescue and reconstruction in Southeast Asia. And I daresay I am not alone.

My favorite time of the football year – NFL News
Aside from the Super Bowl itself is right now, when teams are jockeying for playoff spots, and sometimes you need an advanced math degree to figure out all the probabilities of who might and might not get into the playoffs.
This was satirized in an episode of the TV show Coach (the later episodes, when he coached a pro football team). At the end of the season, he headed home to Minnesota, confident his team had not made the playoffs, alas, but a weird concatenation of teams winning and losing gave his team a playoff berth.
I love it when that happens. This year is relatively straightforward, by comparison. My Giants are long since eliminated, of course.

Rest in Peace, Reggie White – NFL News
Reggie White, one time NFL sack leader, rival to the immortal Lawrence Taylor, has passed away.
He was only 43 years old, and was playing for Carolina only 4 years ago. And he played for the Packers, too. But I will remember him always as a Philadelphia Eagle, the counterpart and nemesis to my own Giants’ Lawrence Taylor.
But a great player, nevertheless. Rest in Peace, and may you play in those fields in the sky, with Johnny Unitas and Walter Payton shuddering in fear as you rip through the OL like tissue paper…