IRE #20 : Lost Creature Found

Some of the most exciting news today has nothing to do with Presidential News Conferences or the price of oil or anything like that.
No, the news that the extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker may not be quite as extinct as one might think.
And so our twentieth Game IRE is set: The rediscovery of a thought-lost creature and its impact on the PCs and their world. Monte Cook provides an answer in his Arcana Evolved follow up to Arcana Unearthed, where he has Dragons return to the land.

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IMC: Slavery

House of Cards GM Log: IMC: Slavery
Ginger mentions slavery in House of Cards in the link above. Arref kicks us off with a discussion of Slavery in his Amber.
The other half of the hivemind, Michael Croft, has a bit on a slave-Construct which turns on its owners, Spartacus.
There was also discussion of slavery in the Grand Affair game.
So with all of these resources and entries out there, I will add to the fray.

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Time Puff Cover Story Piece on Ann Coulter

Time out – –
I used to think she was funny, wrong-headed but funny, back in the days when I would watch her frequent appearances on Bill Maher’s show.
However, she passed from that, to loathing, in easy steps. Wishing McVeigh had blown up the NY Times Building in NYC instead of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Writing books to try and rehabilitate Joe McCarthy, equating Liberalism with treason. Her quote about taking over countries in the Middle East and mass-converting populations to Christianity.
Such a person doesn’t deserve to be lauded with a Time cover story.

Oxyrhynchus Papyri

Oxford Classicists are employing infrared technology on a mess o potage of manuscripts found in a trash heap in Egypt. Until now, they’ve been nearly worthless, illegible from decay, rot and other passages of time. However using
new infrared photographic technique, scientists at Oxford are making progress in making the original writing legible and accessible.
I remember learning about how much we lost from the Classical World back on one of the episodes of Cosmos. To say nothing of some science fiction touching on the subject–in the Larry Niven “Svetz” stories, its mentioned as a lifetime goal of his boss. The Draka timeline of Stirling also has the Draka finding a cache of lost Greek works.
I will keep abreast of this story and what they manage to salvage out of the work. This cache, once fully imaged, could increase the sum total of what we have by nearly 20 percent.