10th Planet(?)

NASA – NASA-Funded Scientists Discover Tenth Planet
Doubtless you have seen this by now, the announcement of the discovery of a trans-Plutonian body which is somewhere between the size of Pluto, and 2000 miles in diameter (since Spitzer can’t see it, that’s its limit of resolution).
Since its larger than Pluto, it really should be classified as a planet, unless you admit that Pluto really is only a planet because its been grandfathered in.
Me, if it is really a 10th planet, if you follow the Greco-Roman conventions of the planetary names, I’d think that Persephone would be a wonderful name for a 10th planet.

Game IRE #23: A Farewell to Arms

With many choices for our 23rd Game IRE, I decided to go with something right and hot off the presses:
IRA orders disarmament.
I am going to resist the obvious Amber idea involving Dalt (and leave it for the likes of Ginger or Arref to do) and instead use a Chaos themed Amber game based on the premise:
What happens at the *end* of a Vendetta. Lots of the political maneuverings and the meat of a story takes place in the run up to a feud between two Houses, but how does such a feud end? If its not mutual exhaustion, and, say, House Jesby decides to end its feud with House Helgram, how is it to be done?
The PCs, dropped into a scenario, can be any number of roles: Agents of Thelbane, working for Merlin (or whoever has the Throne) to work both sides of the conflict as mediators. Are they Jesby members, seeking an end to the violence–and does everyone in Jesby agree with a farewell to arms? Are they Helgrams–and do they trust the Jesby offer of a ceasefire?

Oh no, Hell, NO

In New Security Move, New York Police to Search Commuters’ Bags – New York Times
Via Washington Monthly we discover that NYC is planning to begin random searches of bags of riders on Subways, Buses and Commuter trains.
Setting aside the civil liberty issues (which are bad enough), the logistics of this is a nightmare. Anyone who has ridden on the transportation systems of New York City will know what I mean when I say that the implementation of this will be a gigantic time sink, an incredible annoyance, and worse, a source of trouble.

Happy Armstrong Day

In an issue of Omni years and years ago, they published a new, regularized calendar consisting solely of 13 28 day months, and a single intercalary day, on July 20.
In honor of that Tranquility Calendar as well as the most obvious fact that today marks the 36th anniversary of the first Moon landing, I declare today Armstrong Day.
Happy Armstrong Day!!