Find or Loot? It’s your skin color that makes the difference

Making Light: Yahoo News photos
Via Patrick and Teresa, a note on the way that pictures of the survivors getting groceries from supermarkets are described.

One couple is described as “finding bread and soda” in a grocery story.

Another gentleman is described as walking through water after “looting a grocery store.”
Take any guesses as to the varying ethnicities of the two people before looking at the pictures?

A tell on John Roberts

In Article, Roberts’s Pen Appeared to Dip South
This Washington Post article about John Roberts has an interesting factoid about the man that many would like to see confirmed as Supreme Court Justice without serious discussion at all about his views. From the article:
When John G. Roberts Jr. prepared to ghostwrite an article for President Ronald Reagan a little over two decades ago, his pen took a Civil War reenactment detour.
The article, which was to appear in the scholarly National Forum journal, was called “The Presidency: Roles and Responsibilities.” Roberts was writing by hand a section on how the congressional appropriations process had evolved.
A fastidious editor of other people’s copy as well as his own, Roberts began with the words “Until about the time of the Civil War.” Then, the Indiana native scratched out the words “Civil War” and replaced them with “War Between the States.”

If Roberts were from Georgia, Alabama or the like, I wouldn’t bat an eye. Many Southerners refer to the Civil War as such.
Roberts, though is from Indiana. So it was a conscious, deliberate decision. I had a couple of history teachers and professors who did the same thing, but made no bones that they WERE using the term specifically.
Hm. Indeed.

Everyone doesn’t have a novel inside them.

Making Light: Preach it, brother
The Nielsen Haydens mention an article about newtime writers and how they overshadow long working midlist writers in terms of advances and publicity.
It’s true, some of the stuff advertised in, say, Locus, and, and the like seem like “more of the same” and writers who deserve hardcover publication fail to get a crack at it in favor of these newbies who often fall flat.
There are many more failures than successes, even of worthy material. Is it any wonder that I cheerlead for my friend’s books? I don’t want Sarah Bear to suffer that fate if I can help.

Wanting to believe in ID

I think that part of the problem in combatting Intelligent Design in the media by scientists and scientiophiles is that many people *want* to believe in ID.
That is to say, they are reassured, comforted and in some cases revel in the knowledge that there is evidence to back up their faiths, their belief.
That’s pretty hard to combat in the media and elsewhere. And wanting to believe in something does not make any more likely that it is the truth.
Of course, IMO, faith with ironclad proof is no faith at all.
Gabriel, and Constantine, in the Constantine movie
Constantine: “I believe!”
Gabriel. “No. You KNOW. There’s a difference.”