Dover Court Battle over Intelligent Design

Court battle opens over teaching ‘intelligent design’
As you no doubt have seen elsewhere, today begins a court case in the Dover Area School District of Pennsylvania over Intelligent Design. Eight families are suing the district, under the premise that including intelligent design in the classroom is a violation of the seperation of church and state.

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San Diego 45, NYG 23 – New York at San Diego Game Recap
And after two very good games, this time the Giants fell flat.
We got close…but San Diego turned it up in the second half, and then it wasn’t even close.
0-2 teams can be hungry, and San Diego had good reason to hate Manning and the Giants (since the Chargers had, a couple of years ago, wanted to draft Manning but he said he wouldn’t play there).
But it was the Giants defense (especially the running defense, oy!) which really didn’t play today.