Characters channeling other Characters

While I might not have voices in my head to equal those of, say, my good friend Deb Atwood, I do have some strong archetypes of characters.
In a recent post, one of my characters, Marcus, in Bridgette’s Age of Retribution drew on an old character of mine that some readers of this Blog will remember very well–the charming, seductive diplomat Scipio.
A relevant excerpt follows.

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Another Movie Meme from John Scalzi

Whatever: The Comedy Canon: A Meme for You
You will remember the entry sometime back about the Essential SF Movies, as chosen by the author of the Rough Guide to SF Movies, John Scalzi.
Although he didn’t write the Rough Guide to Comedy Movies, he provides us the list of them. I’ve bolded the ones I’ve seen and asterisked the ones I own.
I don’t do as nearly well as the SF movies!
And How does the Princess Bride *not* make this list??!

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Dark City Directors Cut?

SFSignal: SF Tidbits Part XXVIII
Via SF Signal, we can expect at some point a new, Director’s Cut of the classic film Dark City. Its one of my all time favorite movies of any genre, and I am curious what a Director’s Cut will bring to the table. DC’s can be improvements (Donnie Darko), a wash (Alexander), or in some cases take away from the original movie (arguably, Fellowship of the Ring–some of the extended stuff is not up to snuff with the rest of the film).
Roger Ebert, as much a fan of the movie as I am, will be doing commentary on the new Director’s Cut.